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Why yes, this is a thing. You may not call it accessorising – to be honest, I don’t usually either – but adding nice, aesthetically pleasing objects to your bathroom to make it just that tad more inviting/spa-like/luxurious is definitely worth doing. Most of these things (soap dishes, toothbrush holders etc) are necessities, so by upgrading them you have a very affordable way to change the whole feel of your bathroom without splashing the cash…



Art Deco and old Hollywood style are big decorating stories this year. If you want your bathroom to have a touch of ornate glamour then these accessories are the way to go…

9435000999_1_1_3             hmprod      G_167863371_00_20120815

Mirrored bathroom set, from £9.99 – £19.99 per piece, Zara Home ; glass toothbrush holder, £4.99, H&M; Square glass decanters, from £9, House of Fraser



White is a classic bathroom theme and for good reason. Calming, neutral and easy, white accessories add the perfect spa feel, whilst this wooden bath tidy by the White Company is a best seller for good reason.

BAHSP_AU14_15_F_GS            9427455251_1_1_3          WSHBT_AU14_24_F_GS

Newcombe ceramic toothbrush holder, £10, The White Company; Ceramic jar (perfect for cotton wool and buds), £19.99, Zara Home; wooden bath tidy, £45, The White Company

Colour and Pattern


Colour and pattern can look fab in a bathroom (our new one has fab Moroccan tiles which I will forever thank the old owners for…) With a little tweak, these shelves (above) would look great in a bathroom. Keep your cotton buds in a glass jar, add a few creams and install a candle, and you not only have a great storage system, but a beautiful looking space.

234073939  debenhams_3747385606095_thumb

Medina soap dish, £12, John Lewis; Prescott toothbrush holder, £63, Pigeon & Poodle; Toothbrush holder, £12, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson for Debenhams



Ultra-feminine accessories can add a relaxed country feel to nearly any bathroom space…

HT_05_T36_5825D_ZZ_X_EC_0                 ab3949a41f9ef00b898c61e609bf3a66             7551078411346_000_b

Floral slapdash, £9.50, M&S; Paris La Bain bath tidy, £6.95, Live Laugh Love; Monogrammed trinket dishes, £10 each, Anthropologie (great for trinkets or as a soap dish)



Whether you’re using hurricane lanterns, small votives, tea lights or ornate displays, candles are an obvious (and great) way to add atmosphere.

15007          aw07lela795055398-nocolour       hmprod

Reclaimed wood candle lantern, £260, Nordic House; Candle, £47, Le Labo; Candlestick, £12.99, H&M



While the picture above isn’t strictly from a bathroom, just think how great your bathroom bits – toothbrushes, tweezers, make-up, cotton wool would look in glass containers. You could even use your old candle containers which always look great…

GSHTC_AU14_2_F_GS           Unknown            balineum_apothecary_jars_clear_01

Glass container, £25, The White Company; Fleur de Lys glass bottle, £2.95, Live, Laugh, Love; Apothecary jars, £9-£15, Balineum

IMAGES: sourced from Pinterest

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