Five Ways to Dress like a French Woman

9e00ac0add3c4877f700ada5d88246cfWell, bonjour there and welcome to a new week. Today we will mostly be considering this: how can lay our hands on some of that quintessentially, effortless French style.

Alex and I have been discussing this – whilst also pondering how to speed up the daily ‘what to wear’ debate and wishing to look perennially chic (rather than a slave to trends). Don’t ask much from our sartorial ensembles, do we?

And so I have slaved over Pinterest and studied my copy of the tongue-in-cheek How to be Parisian and I give you the fruits of my research: five key French pieces. These are the glue which will hold your wardrobe together. Invest well and use them wisely.

A navy (or grey) jumpera1dc650516a6cd0296521c79e6f53adfOr both. Slightly oversized. Crew or v neck. Maybe a roll neck when it gets chilly. Worn with thin gold chains layered on top and a hint of a tan, for preference. Team with jeans (to suit your figure – not what fashion dictates is on trend) or cropped trousers. Head to Wyse, Hush, H&M (cashmere on the high street!), and Uniqlo….

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Cashmere jumper, £139, Boden; Cashmere crew neck, £69.90, Uniqlo

A black leather biker jacket


I’ve never really been into the idea of a leather jacket before, but now…I’m won over. It’s just so effortless. (Effortlessly sexy, too.) I give you two options here. (Note: this is never going to be the cheapest item in your wardrobe. Just think French and investment dressing.)

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Leather jacket, £99.99, Zara;  Leather jacket, £280, Hush

Or a black blazer

how-to-create-a-5-piece-french-wardrobe-and-change-your-life-1715510-1459415712-640x0c-1Not *quite* ready for a leather jacket? Shrug on a tailored black blazer and it adds a clean, sharp, brisk edge to any outfit.

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Blazer, £370, Boss at John Lewis; Moss blazer, £265, Reiss

Ballet flats

c82570d9b0731765ce7200e81b8cf61fOh, you thought these were over? Not so. Please note that this also covers ballet-flats-with-a-twist – such as these, spotted on Little Spree (the heavenly Sarah and Nicky have the best taste).

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Classic flats, £65, French Sole; Velvet pumps, £16, Topshop


Forgive a second picture of La Alt, but she does an excellent job of underscoring my point about the power of the blazer. And here she demonstrates she also knows the power of a Breton. She knis it works. So do we. (As you know. Sorry to go on about it, but they truly are the top which keeps on giving…) Keep your eyes peeled for they are everywhere – I found some excellent thick versions at H&M.

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Breton, £26.50, Boden; Mariniere, £52, Petit Bateau

Images via Pinterest: WWD, Collage Vintage, Fashion Me Now




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