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1e2d6c7b1bca64eed35359fcf8e0e346 e42447689b58358c96388cf159aa78ecYes, we’ve gone Halloweentastic this week. Ironic, really, given that our children are all probably too young to really enjoy it. C loves that nursery is bestrewn with decorations – and enjoyed a pumpkin carving class at Maggie & Rose, but I don’t think that Halloween really carries much weight. Unlike, say, her birthday, about which she already has ideas.

Not that this puts a stop to our enthusiasm in any way. Following Alex’s post yesterday about the joys of Halloween parties, I bring you costumes – and Halloween-inspired style (it’s tenuous, but we’re going with it) for grown-ups.

Dressing up


You are probably feeling insufferably smug if you managed to nab something from H&M’s Unicef All For Children collection (above, regrettably, now sold out and probably doing a brisk trade on ebay). If not, fear not! Help is at hand. 

This is the most adorable shortcut around is this utterly splendid pumpkin sweatshirt from Tootsa MacGinty. Cool enough for older kids, adorable for little pumpkins. He’s even cheeky: that mouth unzips so he could stick out his tongue. (I dread to think how much my daughter – and pretty much every other small child I know – would enjoy this.) I also love the glorious puppet sweatshirt and the knitwear is so fabulous, I am itching to buy the lot…

Pumpkin sweatshirt, availble for 6 months - 8years, £28

Pumpkin sweatshirt, 6 months – 8years, £28, Tootsa MacGinty

If your child is insistent that they really actually must be a pirate/skeleton/witch, then make a beeline for Sainsbury’s, where there is every costume little hearts could desire from a pocket-pleasing £6-£15.

Pirate, £, Sainsbury's

Pirate, £,10 Sainsbury’s

Spider, £, Sainsbury's

Spider, £10, Sainsbury’s









If you are of a more creative bent, I would definitely make haste to Martha Stewart, who – as Alex mentioned yesterday – is essentially the high priestess of any festive occasion. She even has easy outfits for babies and children if you lack Marthaesque crafting abilities. Now, let the cuteness to commence…

ft_halloween04sheep_vert ft_halloween04knight_hd ft_halloween04cowboy_xl cloudy-day-nesting-dolls-5534_vert ft_halloween04chicken_vert my-fave-drummer-boy-1_vert






















That fluffy chick is almost too much for me. I want to tuck her into my pocket right this minute.

Rock a Halloween-inspired look

Look, if you want to dress up for Halloween, you probably already have an outfit in mind. But how about adding a soupcon of spook to your everyday look? You don’t have to dress up as a witch – try one of these to see if the spirit moves you….

Lace sleeve dress, £199, Jaeger

Lace sleeve dress, £199, Jaeger

Knitted lace satin front top, £38, Topshop

Knitted lace satin front top, £38, Topshop

Zoe Karsson bat t-shirt, £57, my-wardrobe

Zoe Karsson bat t-shirt, £57, my-wardrobe


Spider earrings

Spider studs, £79, Rachel Entwhistle

Bat clutch, £xx, Asos

Bat clutch, £18, Asos





















Image: Pinterest

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