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How to Extend Your Holiday

The holiday is officially over. I am back at work and the rain is falling as I type. (I love summer rain, so no problem with this.) But what if you’re not quite ready to let go quite yet? Here’s how to extend your holiday. Or – at the very least – that holiday feeling.

Okay, I get that the demands of real life have a habit of intruding, but you can snatch some moments in the madness. What did you love about your holiday? The food? The wine (ahem)? The evenings under the stars with your beloved (and hundreds of mozzies intent on devouring you whole)? The simple, fling-it-on-and-forget-about-it dresses? The pared-back (time-saving) beauty routine? The time with your family?

(Maybe not the mozzies.)

We brought some of our favourite Corsican treats (biscuits, cheese – of the non-stinky variety (we’re not that anti-social), wine – I can highly recommend this) back home with us. This morning, I dipped a Corsican biscuit into my coffee and had a tiny, Proustian moment. The local markets and produce filled me with joy: I’ll be heading to the markets to get my seasonal vegetables and paging through my cookbooks for holiday-inspired dishes. (I also adore pasta, so I’ll be leafing through this – a gift from my husband – and dipping a toe into Italy, even if we didn’t visit this year. Holiday is a feeling as much as a geographical location.) I also loved that we cooked and ate together – as a four and a couple – and then sat and chatted or read (the TV wasn’t switched on once), glass of wine in hand. Surely that is something you can bring home with you? Even just on a Friday night?

I’m also very keen on the ease of holiday beauty. I went to work yesterday with no make-up bar mascara and wet hair with just a quick spritz of salt spray. (I know: this would not cut it in a corporate environment.) But you can keep using your face oil (I’ve been testing Balance Me Radiance Face Oil which really helps to counter the effects of sun, sea, sunscreen or, indeed, city smog. I also love Neom Daily Superskin Body Oil.)

Thanks to the balmy weather (which promises to return, albeit less of a ferocious heat), you can take tips from your holiday wardrobe. Wear the prettiest cotton nightie as a cover-up on a lazy Sunday morning. Embrace the simplicity of a linen dress. Wear with your (damp) hair twisted into a bun, a slick of lipstick and statement earrings for a look that is very Three Graces/Lisa Marie Fernandez/Faithfull the Brand. Just add a basket bag (and a denim jacket if there’s a chill in the air). Sometimes, less truly is more. (Especially if you’re looking to extend your holiday…)

I’m wearing dresses from hush and Warehouse

1. Three Graces London; 2. Wine glass, £6.99, H&M Home; 3. Earrings, now £33 (were £65), J.Crew;4. Dress/nightie, £38, Sarah K; 5. Julie basket, €59,95, Fonott; 6. The Long and the Short of Pasta by Giancarlo Caldesi,£13.30; 7. Tangerine by Christine Mangan, £10.49; 8. Scarf, £6,99, H&M; 9. Linen midi dress, £59, & Other Stories


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