How to conquer your to-do list and get things done?

1a7f5ddc795efe3d4f67dbae0740e03a-1I need a new way of organising my life. 

My mind is constantly darting from one thing to another. My to-do list is endless – and I never seem to get the bottom of it. (Sound familiar?)

I accept this is par for the course when work, young children and domestic admin collide. You can just about keep on top of it, but then throw in something unexpected, or extra, and it all spins out of control. How on earth do you stay on top of things? How do you get stuff done? I miss that feeling of ticking things off the list.

Add into this that I am by nature a multi-tasker (aka easily distracted). I whirl around, never content with just doing one thing. I am also easily distracted: oo, there I go down a rabbit hole on Instagram; an email! I wonder what that could be about?; I’ll just put on a load of washing/arrange these flowers/sort out my tea towel drawer before I do anything else.

Now, the phrase ‘time management’ is anathema. (I’m cringing as I type.) But my old friend Master Google led me to this: the ‘One Touch’ technique. It sounds so simple. So do-able. So potentially life-improving.

It’s just this: decide which tasks you want to complete/problems you wish to solve. Prioritise them. And then complete them – this is the crucial part – in full before you move onto anything else. Once you commit to a task/problem; you have to finish it. So instead of interrupting, say, writing a post by checking emails/Instagram/making a cup of coffee/tidying the kitchen, I shall write ’til it is done.

I am going to try and apply this across the board. At work. At home. I’m hoping it makes me more organised; more productive; somewhat closer to the end of my to do list…

I’ll let you know how I get on. And in the meantime, please do share any brilliant tips which have worked for you.

Image (of how I’d like to my newly organised desk to look…) Shift Interiors via Pinterest



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