How to look Christmas party gorgeous

dcc186702e76c15a3dc7680083d15bc8Tis the season of the party. We don’t know about you, but our mantelpieces are groaning under the weight of invitations. (Ahem. The parties I am invited to these days mostly involve toddlers experiencing a sugar rush, pass the parcel and cups of tea.) But even if Christmas party just means ‘glass of wine at the local pub’, there’s no excuse not to put on the glitz. Because – to paraphrase Richard Curtis – if you can’t sparkle at Christmas, when can you? We asked two of our favourite beauty gurus for their insider party season tips.

The gorgeous Alessandra Steinherr is the Beauty Director at GLAMOUR (join her zillions of Twitter and Instagram followers for a glimpse into her vast beauty knowledge – and very stylish beauty life).

“Winter is the worst time for you skin: the drying effect of central heating and cold winter air; drinking more alcohol than usual; sleeping less than usual with those party nights out… The biggest thing that suffers is your skin. And good skin is the basis for good make-up: if your skin doesn’t look good, your make-up won’t look good. Now, I would never usually use a primer – it’s just adds an extra step to your skincare routine and we’re all time-pressed as it is – but in winter, I think it’s worth using a good primer. It makes the difference between your make-up sliding off before you’ve finished your first cocktail or staying put. My favourite is Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer (£28).

We all love glitter. But let’s be clear – it is possible to overdo it. You do not need it on your cheeks, your lips, your eyes and your sparkly necklace. You don’t want to look like you’re the Christmas present.

Personally, I like to wear it on my eyes – I think it’s the most flattering option. (If you wear it on your lips it can come off as you talk and drink; and on cheeks it can make your skin look greasy.) But you can’t go wrong with eyeshadow. Don’t veer into teenage territory by opting for something with glittery flecks (unless, of course, you are a teenager); instead, opt for a flattering, grown-up pearly shimmer.

Charlotte Tilbury is in a class of her own. Her eyeshadow has very fine pigmentation so it looks beautiful. Go for something in bronze, silver or gold – you will look perfectly made-up.

At the high street end of the scale, I love Bourjous‘ pearl eyeshadow: it looks good and is very good value.”

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Luxury palette in The Uptown Girl, £38, Charlotte Tilbury

pp-quad_golden-goddess pp-quad_the-rock-chick








‘The Golden Goddess’ and ‘The Rock Chick’, £38 each, Charlotte Tilbury

W&W favourite, the fabulous Grace Timothy is a beauty contributor to the likes of Net-a-Porter,, Vogue, and editor of The Pregnant Beauty Guide.

“My favourite party essential this year is Bobbi Brown’s Hollywood Glamour Collection. There’s a deep red lip lipstick (£22) and nail polish (£11), plus any of the eye shadow palettes (£59) – they’re all divine. I’m trying to find someone to give me a luna mani – where the luna is highlighted with a different colour – but will settle for a ring finger mani: four nails in a dark navy with sparkly polish on the ring finger!”

Image via Harpers Bazaar

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