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Cacheral floral print jumper, £297

Cacheral floral print sweater, £297

I’ve written before about my love of all things French. How very lucky for me, then, that two stylish expats, Beatrice Drovandi and Cecilia Cauville (who have, naturally, an impeccably pedigree: they’ve worked at Net-a-Porter and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Henessey, dahrlings) appear to have read my mind. They’ve set up the website, Frenchologie, selling all things fabulously French (like this gorgeous Cacheral knit, above) . So now uber-chic is just a click away. Here are (just a few of – I could easily go on le spree) our picks…

Mouton Collet Ibiscus earrings, £285

Mouton Collet Ibiscus earrings, £285

Christine Phung Satchel, £437

Christine Phung Satchel, £437










'Le Petit Atelier' by Christine Barres, £125

‘Le Petit Atelier’ by Christine Barres, £125

Arte Edition, The Day Before, £25

Arte Edition, The Day Before Vol 2, £25


Carlota jasmine and rose dry oil, £41

Carlota jasmine and rose dry oil, £41 

Stephanie Radenac Atelier kitchen cloth, £23

Stephanie Radenac Atelier cloth, £2

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