How to look fashionable without looking a fool

904d7de17b6fb2cdfacd625af4d9df7dNow, we’re not talking crazy fashionable; the Anna Dello Russos (the eccentric Editor-at-Large of Vogue Japan), Daphne Guinnesses or Susie Bubbles (mega-blogger) of this world, nor any of other of the more eccentrically dressed fashion-plates you see photographed during Fashion Month. The women we want to look like are the perennially chic, grown-up ones; the Sarah Harris’s (Vogue’s Fashion Features Director), Caroline Issas (Fashion Director of Tank magazine), Emmanuelle Alts (French Vogue) and Yasmin Sewells. These women are grown-up, groomed and know how to look good – without looking too fashion. And, with just a little tweak here and there, these looks would be perfect for you…


Not many of us can afford Burberry (or be gifted it) like Olivia Palermo, but long scarves and skinny belts we can do. This is an easily achievable way to this season’s 70s chic.


Think texture. The days of poker straight hair are gone and something a little more ruffled (a la Alexa Chung) is the chic-est style to be wearing. To get a stylish ‘bed-head’ look as opposed to your actual bed head look, blow dry the front and leave the back messy. Or pull out the tongs (as Alexa does) Similarly, incorporate different textures into your clothes. A smooth wool, cotton or cashmere jumper with a roughly-textured or shiny skirt is perfect.

68573fb5a37292518bd5ced994276a12¬†Culottes. Do you dare? Really, there’s no reason not to. Just think of them as a midi-skirt with a split and you’ll be able to get yourself over the 1940s sailor connotations. An instant spring/summer 2015 winner.


A ripped knee and a pair of trainers (Stan Smiths are Fash pack’s current choice) and you’ve nailed the most laid-back Fashion Week look. Ripped jeans are EVERYWHERE this spring. In fact, it’s almost hard to find a pair that aren’t distressed….

bluebrown_3216812aBright stripes have been a big trend at Milan Fashion Week (happening RIGHT NOW). This is music to our stripe-loving ears…

net-x_3214349aWhoever would have thought that the humble cardi would be a Fashion Week fave. Well, here it is on Caroline Issa, meaning that it is most definitely ‘in’.

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