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So, we’ve got your night out covered, thanks to Natasha’s fab Christmas party wear post and even what to wear the morning after, but c’mon, what on earth are we going to do with that face? If you, like me, are more ‘hangover beast’ than ‘beauty’, then you’ll be needing some help. And whilst, we’re not advocating trowelling on a trolley load of make-up, we do have a few fail-safe products up our sleeves. Oh yes, these products will sort those drink-induced/sleep-deprived/new baby dark circles and make you look like a young Kate Moss even after a Kate Moss-style night out…


To paraphrase Megan Trainer, when it comes to make-up, I’m all about that base. An advocate of the non make-up, make-up look (out of sheer laziness), I may eschew mascara some of the time, but I always have to use a mixture of foundation and concealer, as otherwise, quite frankly, I would scare people.

These products are simply the ones I use, love and work for me at home. For me, they really work and whilst they do need to be topped up a little through the day, they do seem to tackle most hungover face/dark circles/lack of sleep situations. And, whilst these are the brands I use, I’m sure there are others that work just as well!

The Foundation Stick


I use foundation sparingly – mainly to even out the discoloured skin on my chin and sometimes around my nose (on the lovely red bits) – never all over and certainly not on my cheeks (too cakey) or on my actual nose (as this just slides and looks awful). I used to use liquid foundation, but due to my oily skin have recently switched to this Bobbi Brown foundation stick, which I love.

The Eye Lids

If you have slightly discoloured eyelids like me (I sound like a right beauty, don’t I?), then this Corrector, also by Bobbi Brown, is fab. It evens out the skin tone and instantly perks the eye area up. I find that dark eyelids can really make you look tired, so this is pretty much a miracle worker. Sometimes I’ll add a light pink eyeshadow on top, even when not wearing mascara.

Under Eyes


First up, the Corrector as mentioned above. Then I’ll use Bobbi Brown’s fab Creamy Concealer kit – this comes with concealer to dab on with your finger and powder to cover up the shine. To finish off, I have just discovered Charlotte Tilbury’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand, which is fantastic. Using light reflecting particles, it really does seem to brighten up the under eye area making dark circles look a LOT better, and almost like you’ve had that miracle 8 hours sleep. It comes in 4 different shades, and I think it’s well worth investing in.

Final Touches

To finish up, I tend to use the concealer around the base of my nose, where it can go red. I then add blusher (I’m using Bourjois powder at the mo) and banish my nose shine with my Chanel powder compact. If I can be bothered – and it makes such a difference opening up my eyes that I should bother – I add mascara. Despite trying expensive ones, I always tend to go back to Max Factor.

Et voila! You may feel like you’ve done ten rounds with an angry polar bear, but at least you won’t look it….

IMAGE: Kate Moss/Craig McDean

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