How to….wear denim shorts

7503c144a5e93a728827f3fb8dd62b27Not that I’m in the habit of ogling women in the street, but I really had to stop and stare the other day. There I was manhandling ‘The Tank’ aka my double buggy into the car when a vision of summer cool walked past. With long, thick, darkly grey hair (the amazing kind that some women in their 30s have), a white laser cut top and denim cut-offs, she was also with buggy, but unlike me looked amazing. So cool. So Summery. So what I wanted to look like..

I haven’t owned a pair of denim shorts since, let’s hazard a guess, 1994? When I was a little older, they weren’t in fashion and then it got to a stage when me in a pair of Daisy Dukes just really wasn’t  a good look. But, as this vision of summer showed me, not all denim cut-offs are equal. And so, I went on a mission. To Westfield. In search of a pair of shorts that weren’t so short so as to introduce my ovaries to the world, weren’t so tatty so as to look like they’d lost a fight with an angry cat, didn’t have those hideous pockets hanging out the bottom and didn’t look trashy. And you know what? I actually found them in Gap. The right length, the right fit, the right colour. I just love it when a plan comes together. Here’s what I’m going to wear them with….


1969 Sexy Boyfriend shorts, £29.95, Gap. I also really like these ones and these ones, although they are on the short side. Also, do check out Hush‘s pair (pictured below), like everything Hush does, they’re pretty darn fantastic.

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Ikat Jacket, £145, Rabens Saloner; Kiki jacket, £79, Monsoon


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Washed pocket tee, £12, Topshop; Molly aqua leather espadrille, £115.50, The Cobra Society; Hematite and enamel Dark Nights ring stack, £345, Astley Clarke

Denim shorts, £45, Hush

Denim shorts, £45, Hush

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