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Please forgive the brevity of this post, but I am (still) on deadline, (still) without a lot of childcare and (still) tearing my hair out about how I’m going to get everything done no time. So, to ease the pressure, I’ve turned my mind to the very important matter of earrings. Call it approaching midlife crisis or my sheep-like tendencies (because let’s face it, this isn’t a new trend), but over the last few months, I’ve really been hankering after getting another ear piercing. And these gorgeous studs aren’t helping matters…



I love Alex Monroe‘s designs. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets, he just seems to know what works. These scissor studs are slightly quirky and all the better for it. I also like the ladybird, swallow and bumblebee designs.

9069837418526Of course, when it comes to cheap jewellery, you really can’t beat Accessorize. This set of 12 sterling silver studs from the fab Z for Accessorize range is perfect for every day.



Not a stud as such, but pretty darn fab, this diamond snake earring is just one of the many gorgeous pieces from hot new-ish jewellery designer Theodora Warre. Her dangly tooth earrings are particularly gorgeous.image1xxlAnd what more can I say, than these are fun…..Right. Back to the grindstone….



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