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Interiors ideas: let’s start with the living room


Having recently moved house (just before Christmas, why on earth did I think that was a good idea?) I am now in full-on interiors mode. Curtains, blinds, shelves…you name it, I’m probably thinking about it. And, the first room I’m planning, well, that’s the living room, which is why I’ve hit Pinterest hard searching for inspiration….


Colour Pops

Living rooms mean something to everyone. They’re (probably) where you chill out, where the kids relax (or roll around like loons), where you entertain….so they have a hard, multi-purpose brief to fill! Whilst there has to be a large element of practicality to our living room (small, sticky hands + expensive pale fabrics = disaster waiting to happen), that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I love the idea of bringing pops of colour into an otherwise calm colour palette. These hot pink and bright yellow chairs (above) look fab contrasted against the neutral walls and graphic carpet. Whilst the window cushions (below) really lift the room.


This turquoise sofa really makes a statement…


A Touch of Grey

I love dark, grown-up rooms, they’re all very decadent and beautiful. BUT, I don’t think they’re going to cut it for our living room. As a south-facing room, it is very light and whilst I love dark, rich-coloured colours, I just don’t feel that a dark space is the right way to go. I am thinking however, that a grey shelving unit across one wall could work?

Who knows what she wants?

The truth is I’m not entirely sure what I want. I love the tones (and the lamps, the chairs and the sofa) of this beautiful room that designer Laura Stephens created for a client in Acton. But, then I also think this navy and cream room (below) is just beautiful (too dark though for my room)…

88b5f644bc53c08b6bd52da2b5bceba1I do love a large mirror and we have two vast ones waiting to hang, so maybe something like this (albeit in slightly darker tones) might be the solution?


If you have any ideas or can pinpoint me in the direction of some fab interiors inspiration, then do please comment below!

 IMAGES: sourced from pinterest

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