It’s in the jeans: why good denim will always be in fashion

Jean styles come and go, but there’s one thing that will never change: a good pair of jeans will always be in fashion…

I can’t say I remember my first ever pair of jeans, but I do remember my first pair of ‘important’ jeans. High-waisted, ripped at the knee and worn with a pair of dm boots or dockers and a paisley shirt, grandad top or sometimes even a ‘body’ (well, it was the 90s) they were a staple of my teen wardrobe, taking me from pub to party, shopping to sleepovers. I laughed in those jeans, I cried in those jeans, I snogged, drank cider and possibly even threw up in those jeans, because that’s what a good pair of jeans does. They don’t just become an integral part of your wardrobe, they become an integral part of your life. They can be dressed up a la Emmanuelle Alt (the high priestess of Good Jeans) with heels, a sexy shirt and a blazer or dressed down with trainers or flip-flops and a tee. They can look super-smart or as laid-back as a Californian beach. They can be everything. You may on occasion tire of wearing them (“I’m so bored of jeans!” I’ve more than once cried), but you’ll always go back, because when you find a pair of jeans that look and feel good, there are few things more flattering or more wearable.

Over the years I’ve dabbled with waistlines from the high waists of my teen years to the Britney-inspired almost-indecent low waists of my twenties. I’ve also dabbled with cuts – flares, boot cut, straight leg, skinny, cropped, mom jeans – like most of you I’ve tried them all, and possibly like most of you, I have them all in my wardrobe. But, the best jeans, the ones I love most, are the ones that make me feel and look like ‘me’ but better.

Jeans have taken me through my childhood, my teenage years, university, twenties, thirties and to now. I have no doubt that I’ll be wearing them for the rest of my life. My waistlines might rise (they will no way be going low again!), the cuts might change, but good denim will stay in style forever.

Denim Icons through the Years

Oh, to look like Jane Birkin in jeans! Throw on a pair with espadrilles, flip flops or trainers with a simple vest or tee in the summer and you’re good to go. Just add a basket for instant French chic.

In the early 90s, no-one did denim better than Cindy Crawford, the Queen of the Jean. Whilst these look dated now, there’s no denying that Cindy could rock them.

Roll up your jeans and wear with heels like Emmanuelle Alt and you’ll have grown-up denim nailed.

House of Fraser have an amazing selection of denim online and in store. It’s where I bought these Salsa’s Secret Slim Push jeans, now £60 and Samsoe + Samsoe’s leopard print shirt, now £34, with a voucher they gave us for this post, which is in collaboration with House of Fraser. All words, thoughts and pictures are our own.

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