Lilac. Let’s Discuss.

Lilac. Discuss. Do you love it or loathe it? Will you, won’t you be wearing it?

I have mentioned before that Alex and I are on either side of the divide when it comes to this particular shade. Last time we were together, we saw a lilac coat. I cooed. She visibly shuddered. Which leads to me think that it may be a marmite shade.

If you’re still reading, I will gaily assume that you’re in my camp of the firmly in favour. So allow me to sing its joys: it’s such a Spring-like shade. Works so well with sunshine yellow. And navy blue. And black. And denim. And tweedy checks. And stripes (a mainstay in my wardrobe.) It’s a useful addition to your wardrobe. Especially now when your sartorial thoughts are turning to Spring, but it’s grey and quite frankly freezing outside.

And then when the warmth does deign to arrive *checks forecast and sees probability of snow for next week*, lilac will have you skipping along, looking fresh and pretty and very of-the-season.

I think this photo (by the very talented @carlalovesphotography – I love everything she shoots) cemented my nascent relationship with lilac – I’d be very happy to have this print hanging above my desk. In the meantime, I will content myself with this knit I picked up in H&M for a song. If I was taller, I’d be wearing this coat over it. If I was richer, I’d opt for this one, but I’ll settle for wearing it with these earrings [below] for now (and maybe this beret if the snow forecast is correct). And I am in actual love with this dress by Olivia Rubin, who is as lovely as her designs. Is it too late to put in a birthday present request (my birthday is in May), I wonder?…

1. Lilac Lust in the 6th, from €178, Carla Coulson; 2. Tassel earrings, £45, Harry Rocks London; 3.Chunky rib knit, £59, &Other Stories 4. Maxi dress, £299, Olivia Rubin; 5. Biker jacket, £399, Baukjen; 6. High waist palazzo trousers, £35.99, Mango; 7. Shoes, £49.99, Mango; 8. House to Home via Pinterest

All other images via Pinterest




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