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Little Bird Love: Jools Oliver talks us through her latest collection

le4412_1How much do we love Jools Oliver‘s 70s-inspired Little Bird collection for Mothercare? As my sons would say with arms outstretched – ‘thisssss much’! In an age where children’s clothes can be either a) oversexualised and icky for girls or b) logo’d to the max for the boys, Little Bird is a breath of cool, innocent air. I, for one, love the bright colours and retro styles, which also feel incredibly current. Last year, I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Mrs Oliver (and she really is) who with design whizz George Reddings, is the vision behind the collection. Here she talks us through her favourite pieces – and get ’em while they’re hot as last season’s collection sold out faster than the Dukes of Hazzard on the run from Boss Hogg (gotta squeeze in a 70s reference somewhere)!


“The clothes I wore when I was a child were the starting point for Little Bird. My mum kept quite a lot of mine and my sisters’  clothes and a lot was from Mothercare. It all kept really well. Mum had the most amazing nighties, which I then put my children in. All the ideas were all really meant for my children, I never set out to design a collection. But, then I met George, who I do Little Bird with, and she liked all the same things I did, and it went from there.”

Some of my favourite pieces


Rainbow sweatshirt

Although this is meant for girls, I’d put this on Bud. If it sells well, then we could get rid of the batwing it has at the moment and bring it out again for boys next year. Although really, I’d say that all of the collection could be worn by boys or girls – except the dresses and really obviously girly bits of course. £10-£12

3e987cd7c93c4ac48e7717e3357bddd9Retro print pyjamas

We did these last time and they sold out. We weren’t sure if the colours were a bit mad, but everyone seemed to love them. £12-£14


Denim Jacket

It’s a little bit out there, but it reminds me of something that I used to wear when I was younger. £18 (Ed’s note – this will be coming into stores and online in the next few weeks)


 Green and white shoes


I love these shoes. They’re quite good value but look expensive. Petal absolutely loves these. My children don’t really have any input into the design, but I do show Petal. Buddy likes all the boys clothes. With the older two, they say things like ‘I don’t really like that bit there’ and I think ‘yeah, they’re right’. £15


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