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8ed09ecc2a3734140b54c2b213b9d4d7Olivia Palermo is Just. So. Chic. It almost pains me. I love her style. She is also doing a fine job of working the Spring coat. Said coat – I discovered today – whilst nipping around Regent Street at lunchtime, buying presents for new babies (one of my favourite shopping activities) – is high street. Yep, Palerms (as my little friend Medini – short in stature, not personality – calls OP) does high street. And does it well.

653009-31-1Romoli Turkish blue slim cut peacoat, £245, Reiss

You know the Spring coat is a ‘thing’, right? An instant outfit update. Sling it on and you are immediately brighter, perkier and so very of the moment. Opt for something lighter (obvs) than your winter coat – and streamlined, so you can just fling it on. Nonchalance is key, so avoid doing it up, and don’t fret about bracelet-length sleeves (just let your top or sweater peek out from underneath).

Zara has, as ever, a wealth of options: this tangerine number for the truly bold; this delightful lemon coat with zip detail (see also this Topshop tailored coat); blush pink (excellent with grey or navy) or try this brighter rose cocoon coat from Asos, which also has this pale blue offering that would look lovely over denim (or pretty much anything).

Need styling inspiration? Check these out…9c71e2f17026cb85662cbbd5365b867a 17e3996b2c000c8d0441fd9ae2719efe 3b66ddeb33408e695b58546ad2713a64

8c54761f0e69b3e70b67b58100d95934Images: Media Cache; 2-3, Never Underdressed; Fashion Bomba; Matches Fashion via Pinterest

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