M&S Edit: 25 Summer Hits

In the relentless pursuit of keeping up with my children’s growth, I have just placed an M&S order. Whilst I was there, several not-remotely-child-related items  caught my eye. Enough to encourage me to bring you this M&S summer edit.

Before we dive in, just a little housekeeping note. Alex and I have been chatting about the blog. For, as much as we love hanging on Instagram, writing will always be our first love. It’s been rather intermittent of late (sorry about that) whilst we’ve been distracted by things like knee injuries/subsequent operations/moving house. But now we’re back, brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm, if also both still facing our new challenges

We asked ourselves, ‘What do we need (as readers and consumers)? What do we get asked about the most? What do people go to blogs for that they can’t find on Instagram?’ We know you like to shop (don’t we all?) without the hassle of scrolling through pages of content, and we know you like our editorial content (books, interiors, interviews…).

So, you’ll get a weekly dose of shopping, which is all about making your life easier. At-a-glance edits where we’ve done the hard work of sifting through mountains of products to find the treasures. This might be a round-up of one product (striped tops, slogan tees, sandals, flower delivery services, storage solutions, mascaras, garden seating etc) – or a one-stop-shop like this post, where one of us spots some great pieces in one shop and collates them for you (attempting not to shop in the process). Of course, any sponsored content will always be clearly signposted, but often it’s just what we’ve seen and loved. And we have and will never feature anything we don’t love. Any thoughts, requests, questions – email us on, comment below, or sent us a DM via Instagram @wearandwhere

Right, back to business. Kicking off this week with a dedicated shopping post starring 25 summer hits from M&S.

Cast your mind back, and you’ll possibly recall some of these being showcased at the SS19 press day – and shared on Instagram. They’ve started to drop in stores and online. Now I’m not in London, I realise the need to be considerably more lively on the fastest finger front. No more nipping to one of the several M&S stores in easy reach for me, which means I’m on the case for you, too!

I really like this summer selection: a pared-back, neutral palette featuring earthy tones, stripes (always a winner) and sprigged florals (ditto). I’ve bought a couple of pieces to try (including this and this, and I would have bought this had it been available in my size as it is very nod-to-Doen. Mind you, I would probably have had to chop off half the bottom, which would also be the case with this one) – and will report back via Instagram.


1. Terracotta frill blouse, £35; 2. Gold sandals, £25; 3. Straw bag, £19.50; 4. Striped camisole, £25; 5. Floral slip dress, £35; 6. Floral maxi, £39.50; 7. Floral blouse, £29.50; 8. Star trainers, £45; 9. Tie shell top, £25; 10. Denim ruffled shirt, £32.50; 11. Silk ruffle blouse, £55; 12. Linen striped jumpsuit, £45; 13. Striped midi dress, £49.50; 14. Frill bikini top, £22.50; 15. Blouson sleeve blouse, £35; 16. Slim cropped jeans, £25; 17. Colour block swimsuit, £29.50; 18. White broderie dress, £49.50; 19. Cotton floral shirt, £25; 20. Animal print slip dress, £22.50; 21. Floral waisted dress, £35; 22. Tiered maxi shirt dress, £45; 23. White linen blend, £39.50; 24. Pom pom clutch, £29.50; 25. Denim button-up midi skirt, £29.50

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