My Thursday shopping basket

B7283_KU6230_mPlease excuse the brevity of this post, but I have a mountain of work I need to climb. Of course, when that happens I always distract myself and this week it’s been by a little online shopping, While I try not to buy too many clothes, I couldn’t help but throw a top and a pair of the MOST AMAZING leggings into my basket…



J.Crew tees really are the best. The shape (fitted and long) is perfect as are the low scoop necks (you can also get v-necks and higher necked styles). You can’t quite see in the above photo, but this burnished silver cotton tee has a gorgeous metallic sparkle to it, making it the perfect top to chuck on over a pair of jeans and under a blazer for a relaxed evening look. Love it. £35

sukisufu3_d033031a-fc4e-419b-9f62-078654d77e1cIf you’re into yoga/pilates/running or any kind of exercise, then feast your eyes on these beauties. I think I very well might be in love with these SukiShufu Universe leggings, which are made in a breathable fabric, have a leather look waistband and are designed to get sweaty. Just the thing to make my morning run back from school even faster (ahem). £85


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