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My Top 6 Decorating Tips


I was planning a post on the lovely new things I’ve spotted recently which would turn your garden into an al fresco dining room dream. But then the chap on Radio 4 kept cheerfully telling me how “unseasonal and chilly” this next week is going to be. So instead I turned my thoughts insider.

I love thinking about decorating my home even when I have no real excuse: it’s a constantly evolving process. I pick up ideas everywhere: Pinterest, books, blogs, my friends, the hugely talented people I’ve worked with. And these are the six ‘rules’ (I’m reluctant to be prescriptive – this is just what works for me and my home) I’ve come to decorate by.

1. No idea where to start? Pick ONE thing you love (a rug, a cushion, a painting, a fabric, a sofa…) and build the room around it.

Like Jenna Lyon’s yellow sofa and zebra rug, above. Or the wallpaper in my bedroom. Or that pineapple lamp you simply had to buy because it spoke to you.

2. Hang pictures at eye level (about five feet from the floor). See this step-by-step tutorial. (Although it’s also nice to discover art where it doesn’t traditionally ‘belong’ e.g. hung very low (see point 4).


3. Teeny space? Go crazy with wallpaper. (Or put ridiculously O.T.T. wallpaper where it’s least expected.)


4. The unexpected is often stylish.

Colour where you don’t expect it (inside a cupboard, for instance). Lavish wallpaper in the loo. Clashing styles (a vintage chandelier in a modern minimalist living room). An occasional chair in a totally different style (or perhaps none of your chairs ‘match? My living room houses an eclectic collection.) Displaying the mundane.


5. Always opt for several lighting sources rather than (or as well as) one overhead light. Because several pools of soft light are so much cosier. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces…

6. Books and flowers everywhere.


Jenna Lyons’ house in Domino; Joy Cho’s living room via Style by Emily Henderson; Rita Konig’s New York apartment photographed by James Merrell for Domino;Martha Stewart Living; SS Life & Style

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    Sophie Gigi
    April 28, 2015 at 11:48 am

    These are some great tips – we definitely agree with the ‘more than one lighting source’ rule, it’s essential to keep spaces cosy and welcoming!

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