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My Uniform: Kate Hiscox of Wears My Money

Meet Kate Hiscox of Wears My Money. Witty, down-to-earth and with an eye for a good buy. The blogger and Instagrammer lets us in on her style secrets.

You probably already follow Kate on Instagram and read her blog – rarely does fashion have this much of a sense of humour. We love her for her witty captions and admire her for combining it all with a full time job (she’s Head of TV at Warner).

What inspired you to start your blog? And when did you venture onto Instagram? 

Instagram came first. I started doing it in a more ‘fashion focused’ way about two and a half years ago. I started off just taking photos of myself in the mirror. Standard. But it was always (and still is) the captions I liked writing the most. So I decided that once I got a decent amount of followers that I would start writing a blog so I could expand on the words!

How do you combine work with blogging/’gramming?

The Instagram part I find pretty easy and none of photos are professional; it’s just a quick photo taken by a child or husband of what I’m wearing. I don’t really put that much thought into it. Maybe I should?! The blog I write and research over the course of the week and I post just once a week on Sunday mornings. I would like to do more, but having a full-time job, I just don’t have the time.

What tips would you give to those wanting to share their style on social media/blog?

Just do it! Don’t be disheartened if followers take a while. it does take time. Think about your captions as much as your photos.

Is your wardrobe perfectly edited or a frenzy?

Definitely the latter, unfortunately! I don’t have enough space for it to be ordered! I have the clothes I wear regularly in my wardrobe; then my coats are in half of my youngest son’s wardrobe and my ‘unseasonal’ clothes are in a cupboard in the bathroom. My jeans, t shirts and jumpers are in drawers folded in the Marie Kondo style – that has made a big difference: I can actually see what I have in those drawers. (In my wardrobe it’s at least 2 things per hanger and the items underneath sometimes get forgotten about!)

How would you sum up your personal style?

I’m fairly low key and not particularly girly. I can’t wear heels, but I do love a good dress.

What’s your uniform?

That’s tricky as I don’t really have a specific uniform that I rely on, But I couldn’t live without trainers, at the moment it’s Nike Air Max or Golden Goose. I have a thing for grey jumpers and sweatshirts, Coats from M&S and H&M Black Vintage High jeans.

Do you plan your outfit the night before or go with where instinct takes you?

Always instinct: whatever I feel like wearing when I wake up. I find it hard to plan outfits, which is why I’m not great at packing for a trip as I love to have my whole wardrobe as my disposal on a daily basis!

Favourite high street/higher end/niche labels?

High Street: probably & Other Stories and H&M.

High End: Gucci and Stella McCartney.

Niche: Set, Rika, and MKT Studio.

Best investment purchase ever? 

There’s two really: my Gucci belt and my Givenchy boots. Both have been worn so much that cost-per-wear is now cheaper than Primark!

Spot the Givenchy boots…

Jeans: where do we find the best ones?

On the high street, I go for H&M every time. High end? Then it’s Rag & Bone and Stella McCartney

Heels or flats?

Always flats. Always. The highest heels I own are only 2 inches! I just can’t stand the pain!

Night out: what makes you feel instantly dressed-up? Do you have a go-to outfit?

Adding a tuxedo blazer to pretty much anything makes me feel dressed up. So my current go-to outfit is my old Maje tuxe jacket over the top of something from my ever-expanding Ganni dress collection!

Practising what she preaches

What are your can’t-live-without-them beauty products?

Some kind of thickening mascara – currently using Bare Minerals, Colour Wow Speed Blow Dry Spray – which tames my frizzy hair, and Max Factor Burnt Caramel lipstick.

What will/have you bought for AW?

A great cream wool coat from John Lewis, wide-legged, cropped blue cord trousers (similar here) from Cos and a cashmere jumper from Fred Segal.

Last three things you bought?

That Fred Segal Jumper, a pair of bottle green chinos from Cos and some yellow corduroy slip on Vans .

What do you have your eye on next?

I’m saving up for a pair of Chanel Trainers! Riduculously decadent and they will probably have gone by the time I get the money for them, but a girl can dream!


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