New Year, New Face?


It’s this time of year when winter really starts to show on your face. And, you’re right, it sucks. As much as moisturising like a mad thing can help (add a few drops of face oil to help with the dryness caused by central heating and bad weather), your skin can really do with a facial in January. And I’ve found a great treatment that not only perks up your face, but is also ridiculously relaxing…

Debra Morrice is a trained CranioSacral Therapist at London’s renowned Life Centre, who also specialises in a course of skincare treatments known as Rejuvanessence. Using gentle fingertip massage to stimulate the muscles of the face, neck and skull, and provide lymphatic drainage, the treatment helps release tension and works on the skin’s connective tissue to make it more flexible. In addition, by focusing on acupressure points and using some craniosacral techniques, it helps soften expression lines, improves the natural elasticity of the face and releases blocked energy.

I tried one of Debra’s treatments late last year. Following a quick lifestyle questionnaire (all the normal – do you drink/smoke/exercise etc), Debra set to work massaging me into what was basically a completely zoned out state, which left me floating for the rest of the day. Even better, I noticed a subtle difference in my skin, with my tired eyes looking more awake and everything looking a little more ‘fresh’. To keep up the good work and see a more obvious easing of wrinkles and fine lines, a course of six sessions is required with each treatment focusing on a specific area of the face. Debra – sign me up.

As a special New Year offer Debra is giving W&W readers the chance to pay £420 for a course of six Rejuvanessence treatments when booked and paid for in advance. Please click here for contact details.

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