No, honestly. I’m Fine….

When Lockdown started I really was ‘fine’. It was heading towards the end of a long term, I was exhausted and quite frankly, it was a joy to have nothing to do and nowhere to go. No school run! No after-school clubs! Husband here to share the load! I’d also had experience of being house-bound last year when I ruptured my acl and had a knee reconstruction op, so this not-going-out wasn’t a new thing.

With only a few weeks to go before the end of term, I didn’t bother trying to home school. I didn’t bother to do much other than work and pick up hundreds of bits of lego. And of course, it was the start of spring. Spring! My all-time favourite season. How can you not be happy with the days lengthening and the world bursting into full bloom? (How ironic that just as The Outside is at its most beautiful, it is also most dangerous). Still. Lockdown – it wasn’t that bad.

Fast-forward 5 weeks and I’m now ‘FINE’, in the way that you answer ‘I’m Fine’ when you aren’t really. It’s not that bad. I’m not going to throw myself off a cliff or anything (getting there wouldn’t be classed as an Essential Journey for one thing), but the novelty of having nothing to do and nowhere to go has worn off. The thing is, I actually have a lot to do and lots of places I’d love to go. I have a job to juggle, a house to clean and now Home School, which is the biggest headache in the world. Trying to ‘manage’ four children of different ages is a little like being torn from limb to limb by one of Joe Exotic’s tigers (a Lockdown-viewing must). They’ve all adapted well, but there are still technical issues, there are still questions, there’s still work to oversee and they’re only young (between 4-9), there’s only SO much you can expect them to do whilst you lie on the sofa stuffing Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Easter Eggs into your face and counting down the hours until wine-o’clock. And, that’s another thing about Lockdown – I’m eating SO much. I’m also drinking more and thanks to a strained intercostal muscle, doing zero exercise. It’s not been the healthiest few weeks.

It would, of course, help if we had an end in sight. I work well with deadlines. I used to be a journalist after all. But day after day, I check the death toll (morose, I know) and it doesn’t seem to be getting that much better. But, enough with the downers. I didn’t bring you here to read me moan. I’m not a Frontline worker, I’m not living in a tiny flat with four kids, I still have a job. I do actually see my mum (she lives around the corner, so I drop off shopping). It could be a lot worse. People have it a LOT worse. For most of us, the sun is shining, we’re healthy and we’re together. We’re lucky. Very lucky. And it will get better. I do know that. It’s just sometimes you need to say, it’s ok not to be ok, even if on paper, you should be. I hope that makes sense and makes you feel a little better if you’re feeling the same way. And, even if it doesn’t, Easter Eggs are on sale for 25p in Sainsbury’s!! If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will…..

Here’s what I’ve bought and been wearing during Lockdown.


I have NO idea why I’ve bought three swimsuits during Lockdown. It’s not as if I’m off on holiday or have a swimming pool. But, my thinking was that when you see a good swimsuit, it’s worth snapping up one, and you can always wear them in the garden. I have an old version of Boden’s Santorini swimsuit, and it is ridiculously flattering with an amazing neckline, built-in support, so I thought I’d buy another. Whilst online, my eyes drifted to the Kefalonia, which also looked amazing, so I snapped up the burgundy – I really wanted the navy/pink, but 8 weeks delivery time was just too long. The way my Lockdown diet is going, who knows what size I’ll be by then! I am yet to try them on (all those Easter Eggs!) but will report back when I do (one’s definitely going back!) I also bought this H&M swimsuit having seen it on the ridiculously gorgeous ChloeLovesToShop. There is zero chance I will look like her in it, but it’s very pretty and worth trying.

Kefalonia swimsuit, £60, Boden. Santorini swimsuit, £60, Boden. Swimsuit, £24.99, H&M


An odd side-effect of Lockdown: I’ve developed a desperate urge to become a dungaree-wearer. I think it’s to do with trying to be Felicity Kendall in The Good Life and seeing pictures of Natasha looking amazing in them. @Carolinestylehacks and @TheFashionLift (pictured below) also look great. For most people, the key is a slim leg and a fairly voluminous top underneath to avoid feeling like a CBeebies presenter or Karl from Brush Strokes (now, that’s a cutting edge reference for you). I’ve ordered a few pairs, but none of them have been quite right. Natasha’s are from Madewell and basically, are The Best. However, the skinny leg ones are currently not available. The next best option are these slim leg ones from White Stuff, which I have ordered and am waiting to arrive. Fingers crossed!

Comfort Dressing

It’s obviously been all about comfort this last month or so. Standards slipped at first, but they are slowly being re-instated as quite frankly, it does get boring wearing no make up, glasses and tracky bottoms all the time. But still, comfort is key. I’m typing this in a tee and shorts (my all time favourite item of clothing), but this look varies with jeans and a jumper or cardi thrown into the mix (what can I say, I’m wild). On days when I really am fed up of low-key, I throw on a dress. On days when I need to make a work call, I’ll pull on a ruffle blouse, possibly over jogging bottoms, but no-one’s going to see…..Who knows, by the end of this, I may turn into Daphne Guinness and be so starved of glamour that I spend my days strutting around in 5 inch heels. Unlikely, but you never know…..

Ibiza Bahia blouse, £68, Maison Anje; Dresses, £70, TAE (my shop); Folk shirt, £79, Dilli Grey; Denim shorts, £34.95, Gap; Emmeline dress, £75, Hush; Dungarees, £55, White Stuff; Cardigan, £62.91, Chicwish; Espadrilles, £30, Zalando; Ruffle blouse, £44.99, Saint Tropez(use the code Ruffles for 15% off).

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    April 25, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Hang on in there Alex! I’m also feeling most of those things, especially the eating and drinking too much!! Luckily no small children to home school but a love-sick teenager is ‘slightly‘ stressful. You look gorgeous in the Dea Kudibal dress by the way xx

    • Reply
      April 26, 2020 at 8:48 am

      Hi Jules! A love-sick teenager must be stressful…poor thing! I really must stop my eating and drinking marathon, I’m sure it’s not helping! Thank you re. dress. I was so happy. to find it in the sale in Jan! xx

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