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ff1e7221b60d3f543a29a3d79ad7a98fMy tableware is standard issue white. I’ve often thought about changing it, but to what? The new Spring collection from Oka might just have the answer. The Schiap collection (small plates, £5.50; medium £9, large plates, £11) had me at ‘hello, pink and white stripes’. How could they fail to jolly up mealtimes?

Unable to wean yourself off white? I hear you. It is just so easy – and thus so tempting. Be daring, shake it up with scalloped edges. (I know. Just call me crazy.) The Sorano range has every possible crockery permutation you could wish for – from just £3.75 for a jug (I do love a jug); £9 for that rather lovely cup and saucer; plates a very reasonable £10).

I am even wondering about mixing and matching. I love an eclectic mix.



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