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A little addendum to my pregnancy post. Having said I didn’t need a changing bag this time, I may just have changed my mind… Idly perusing the web last night, I chanced across this wonder by Storksak. And. I. Love. It. It might just be the best changing bag I’ve seen yet. Why?

Ashley, £70, Storksak

Ashley, £70, Storksak

With changing mat

With changing mat and bottle holder









1. It is navy. And therefore always chic. And usable by your other half. Bonus. No excuses.

2. The strap means you can sling it over your body or on the buggy handles.

3. It comes with a changing mat (you definitely need one of these) and thermo bottle holder. Nifty.

4. There are plenty of compartments for the baby paraphernalia you will find yourself toting around.

5. You’ll use it even when your baby is a toddler.

6. Have I mentioned that it’s navy? (Prefer something more feminine or need it now (the navy is available to pre-order for late August delivery)? It’s also available in coral.)


Note: This post is absolutely not sponsored. Enthusiasm all my own.

Image: via another of my cravings Rikshaw Design

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