Object of Lust: Alice’s Wonders jewellery

98091-fcb7167401494d398d83f69149f23938Twitter. It’s great. So much better than Facebook. Which is, quite frankly, a bit crap. Just the other day, I wanted to find out where to buy the ultimate t-shirt. One tweet and two minutes later I had the answer from not one, but three lovely people (who all said J.Crew). Through Twitter I’ve discovered breaking news, amazing websites, fascinating articles, information about flash sales, discounts, brilliant blogs and several gorgeous new brands like Alice’s Wonders.

Set up by an entrepreneurial mum of three, Alice’s Wonders is all about The Statement Necklace. The kind  of thing the aforementioned J.Crew is famed for but at a much, much less eye-watering price. Just check out the gorgeous hot pink and lime green necklaces pictured. Beautiful, on trend and only £8. What’s not to love? (The lime green is out of stock at the moment, but you can pre-order here…)



And when you’ve finished shopping at Alice’s Wonders, check out Twitter, if you’re not on it already. You can even start by following us! @WearandWhere

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