Object of Lust: Bionda Castana pumps

be83d98a45ca9015c80215d3711d0245They’re not cheap, but just think of them as an investment. An object of beauty to stare at when everything else is getting you down. Leather with a gold lace overlay, these Daphne Bis Pumps by Bionda Castana are serious Grown-up Shoes. No sloshing in puddles or running for the bus in these Madames. So pretty. So ladylike. So covetable. You know you want them….£405

However, if the thought of splashing out on those makes you choke on your coffee (and that’s the last thing we want), then how about brightening up your day with this Delphine Occasion Collar Necklace from Accessorize. Much, much cheaper and even more sparkly. What more could a girl want? £19




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