Ooh, I like your Christmas baubles…..

WGHT5_88_MAINIf you’re still in the process of decorating your tree or fancy a little something extra to up that festive spirit, then we’ve found the perfect ornaments for you. Press play on the Buble, open the bubbly and decorate like the Christmas-loving loon you are…


Cox & Cox are experts when it comes to unique and beautiful Christmas decorations. As well as the above light up ‘Magical Tree Baubles(now £13.88 for 6), I also rather like these little hanging houses and this set of classic mini baubles.


I remember once, many moons ago when budgets were high and I looked a lot younger, a Christmas Tree festooned with Jo Malone goodies arriving at the magazine office where I worked. A gift for the Beauty Director, it quite literally, caused my jaw to drop. Re-inact that Devil Wears Prada moment by covering your tree with these Jo Malone ornaments (£24) or if your bank account, like mine, doesn’t quite stretch to gazillions of pounds, then perhaps just buy one and pass on as a gift at a later date….


Last year we mentioned this Mr Darcy tree decoration, if your tastes swing more towards Benedict Cumberbatch, then how about hanging Sherlock on your tree? £9.95

36716124_901_bHow about spelling out a secret message on your tree? If that idea floats your festive boat, then these glass letters from Anthropologie will do the trick. £6 each.

2-glass-pheasant-decorations-was-12-now-8-40723-p[ekm]335x502[ekm]Rockett St George is another great online destination if you’re looking for decorations that aren’t the run of the mill usual. These little glass pheasants appeal to me (perhaps it’s because we’ve just moved to the country?), while these mini chandeliers are for anyone who likes a side helping of opulence with their festivities.

A little final mention must go to The White Company and M&S who always do excellent decorations. Their online offerings seem rather depleted, so head in store to see what they have left…


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