The Peasant Blouse

1ae6667f52726c315a832a47b08eeb22That folkloric peasant blouse by Vita Kin? The ones which cost, oh, I don’t know, about a gazillion pounds? Yes, those. How much do we covet one? Answer: a lot. But not enough to forgo paying our bills/remortgaging. (If your budget is sky high, then I salute you and God speed – you can buy Vita Kin’s collection at Matches.) Please buy one of the dresses while you’re at it, so I can live vicariously.

If, on the other, your budget is more ‘woman of limited means’, then perhaps one of these might suit?


Karen embroidered top, £95, Whistles

image1xxlChambray peasant blouse, £42, Asos


Embroidered blouse, £29.99, H&M

And the Kin-esque peasant blouse I really, really want… It’s by Wonder & Weaver. But it’s sold out. (Sob.) This dress is still available, though.


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