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The pom pom obsession, continued

[] Lifestyle 2There are two things I cannot get enough of. No, not my children (although this is – mostly – true of them, I have often had my fill by around 7.30pm), it is baskets and pom poms of which I speak.

So imagine my excitement when I spotted this array of pom-pom-basket-age at Yonder Living.

[] Lifestyle 17

Pondicherry basket, £16.50

The. Cuteness. They would be perfect for storage in my little girl’s room.

And these…

[] Pom Pom Baskets 1

Mumbai pom pom baskets, £16

This is the perfect shopper…[] Nassau XL Shopper, £30

Nassau shopper, £30

And then my little girl could have a little one to match…

Mini-shopper-darjeelingDarjeeling mini shopper, £18

They also offer splendid cushions (I love the grey with white pom poms) and how great is this Breton blanket?

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