Powderhill: The next big name in jewellery

3 PendntsI was first introduced to Nicola Pulvertaft by Joanna Berryman, the supremely chic force behind interior design company Matrushka. As you can tell from our interview with Joanna, she’s a bit of a style maven, so when she emails to tell you about an amazing jeweller, you sit up and take notice. The extremely talented Nicola has not only designed bespoke pieces for the likes of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, but has also created exclusive lines for Harvey Nichols, Temperley London and Holland & Holland. Most importantly (for those of us without a Hollywood budget), she has recently launched Powderhill, an amazing jewellery line inspired by classic English country chic, rock’n’roll cool and Victoriana. Sound interesting? It is. Her pieces are universally gorgeous, ranging from £70-£400 for silver works, going up to over £10,000 for gem studded necklaces. In particular, I fell head over heels with her 18-carat gold rabbit necklace (seen above) which has more than an air of Alice in Wonderland about it and will, if I’m not mistaken, become something of an ‘it’ piece along the lines of Alex Monroe’s gold bumblebee.

Over to Nicola to tell us more about her collection…

Hare Earrings YG-22 Fox rings YG-1

“I was totally fascinated by jewellery as a child. Although it started even earlier when I was about 8 and I used to rummage through my father’s fishing flies, often getting them stuck in my fingers! When I was about 10 I started creating intricate salmon flies for my Dad and his friends. I had this wonderful treasure trove of neon silks, gold threads, peacock feathers and stoat tales that I would turn into tiny jewelled insects.

My Grandmother also had the most beautiful dressing table covered with porcelain ornaments that were draped in diamonds, pearls and costume jewellery. Costume jewellery back then was really special and crafted to the highest of standards. She had been brought up in Peru so she had these amazing real tortoise shell hair combs.

My mother’s jewellery box was also a great source of fascination, every time I would open it I would rediscover these wonderful pieces that all told a story.”

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“Wearing jewellery is about storytelling for me. It should be conversational. I am naturally drawn to the British countryside because it’s where I was brought up. Foxes and rabbits are a part of that landscape. I love stories like Alice in Wonderland, Aesops fabels etc and having an eight year old daughter has probably brought them into focus as I am constantly reading magical tales that so often include rabbits and foxes. I am also very passionate about Victorian jewellery and adore the diamond fox pins and rabbit brooches that I’ve recently sourced for inspiration from various antique markets. The elephant came about because I have recently qualified as a yoga teacher and Ganesh the Hindu elephant god is believed to remove obstacles. I take a ganesh statue  with me when I am travelling. Elephants are truly magical and good luck.”


Powderhill is available to buy through Powderhill and Powderhill Big Cartel.

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