Pre-Spring Fling

main_ss14_10Ok, so I know a cold snap is on its way, but today is sunny, there are daffodils popping up in my garden and an early inkling of spring is in the air (*she closes eyes and wishes it true*). Perhaps most pressingly, I am well and truly fed up of my winter wardrobe – although granted, this year’s winter wardrobe has consisted of old and tatty maternity clothes (I refused to buy new maternity wear because a) it is mainly hideous and b) I work from home, so who sees me anyway? and c) I’m tight.) While I’m not yet fully back in non-preggers gear, my heart most certainly is and I am currently yearning for a serious style injection (and a sunny holiday, but that’s another matter).

This gorgeous watermelon dress from MiH (pictured above) is top of my list. Yes, perhaps not the most practical choice for someone whose social circle largely consists of a trio of mud-splattered under-4s, but there is life away from the ankle-biters and this would be perfect for all those lunches, parties and work meetings I plan to be attending (maybe). It would also work amazingly on holiday and for a relaxed country wedding…Rather annoyingly it’s not available yet. But keep an eye out, it’ll be on sale soon… (I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it)

La Parisienne Ocean jeans, £119, Maison Scotch

La Parisienne Ocean jeans, £119, Maison Scotch

Continuing with the sun-bleached vibe is this pair of jeans by Maison Scotch. I’m bored of winter darks and love the soft blue colour and the faintly distressed feel. These are the ultimate take-you-through-spring-and-summer jean. Dressed up, dressed down, they’re pretty much perfect.

Pointed toe Monk boots, £xx, M&S

Pointed toe Monk boots, £45, M&S

I am a big fan of M&S’ shoes. They’re well-priced, well-made and if you search hard enough, you can find some real gems. Honestly, you can. I have a couple of pairs which constantly get comments and looks of amazement when I divulge where they’re from. I currently have my eye on this pair of leopard print ankle boots (also available in baby blue and light pink) – which I think would look pretty good with skinny jeans or bare-legged with a dress…ps in true rubbish-M&S-website-style, they look so much better in ‘real life’ than they do online.

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