Prints Charming: why a patterned shirt is perfect for Spring

I have long loved a shirt. So easy to throw on and so versatile to wear, it’s the wardrobe staple that every woman owns. Which is good because shirts, and more to the point, shirts with the most fabulous prints are everywhere this spring. Here’s why we think you should be wearing one…..

  1. It’s the easiest way to make a statement

You could be wearing your oldest jeans, your least wow shoes and really-needs-to-be-washed hair, but with a patterned shirt, you’ll still be making a statement. An interesting print hints to an interesting personality and hidden depths. You may be doing the weekly shop or standing in a queue at the post office, but a vibrant, even quirky print says there’s more to you than just that.

2.  They’re incredibly versatile

One of the things I love about a good shirt is its versatility. You can leave buttons undone with layered jewellery for that sexy rock chick look or button it up to the neck for a prim preppy vibe. Throw a patterned shirt on with a pair of jeans and you’ve instantly smartened up your look, pair it with a skirt and you’re ready for that meeting. Appropriate for dates, work, family lunches, the school run, travelling in, partying in and just doing the day-to-day life stuff in, a shirt can and will go anywhere with you. If you’re looking for a piece that works hard for the money you’ve spent on it, a shirt is the way to go.

3. Spring is for colour

After what feels like the longest, greyest winter, I am ready for some colour – and I don’t think I’m the only one. Patterned shirts are just joyful and the perfect antidote to grey day blues.

4. There’s no need to be scared of pattern.

I get it. You’re more of a minimalist girl and the idea of wearing a shirt emblazoned with palm trees fills you with dread, but there’s no need to fear it. You could try wearing one in a subtle way and wear your patterned shirt under a plain knit, adding a point of interest with the collar and hem. Or just go for a simple, understated pattern. Dip your toe in and you might find you love it

5. Patterned shirts aren’t just about print

The new breed of patterned shirt is also about shape. Blouson sleeves, mandarin collars, floaty bodies can all be found alongside more traditional shapes. If you’ve never really loved the classic shirt, then these new shirts are a world apart. They feel softer, more bohemian and are perfect for people for whom shirts have always held bad memories of school and first office jobs…

7 Shirts we Love right now….

  1. The Insta-Famous Lobster print shirt

I first spied this shirt on Erica Davies’ instagram and then again on the lovely Fashion Lift’s feed, so I had to order it. It’s slightly wacky, but utterly gorgeous and brightens up even the most basic of jeans. The red and light pink is actually really flattering and it hangs beautifully. Notice how great Fran looks with it buttoned up, whilst it also looks good with buttons undone.

2. Anything from Mercy Delta

Mercy Delta is my new brand-of-lust. I’m not exactly sure when it launched, but I have a feeling it’s not been around for that long. I spotted some of their shirts in my local boutique Doodie Stark and fell in love. Purveyor of exquisitely patterned silk shirts with lovely shapes, it had me at hello. I have a star print shirt from last season (bought in an online sample sale – keep an eye out for them), but am also lusting after this zebra shirt above. If you’re looking for something a little less wacky, this neon pink star shirt might catch your eye.

3. A leopard print shirt

You all know that leopard print is now thought of as a neutral, right? Good. Well then it’s time to move on from the accessories and coats and embrace it in the form of a shirt. I have this gorgeous one by Samsoe + Samsoe from last season (now on sale for £34!!), but rather like the look of this one by Fabienne Chapot (who also make the lobster shirt and have a very nice line in print)

4. A Ruffled shirt from Lily & Lionel

I couldn’t write a post about patterned shirts and not mention Lily & Lionel, arguably one of the best-known shirt brands out there. Lily & Lionel’s prints are divine as are the cuts of the shirts – I have long lusted after one of their short ruffle sleeve shirts and this beautiful Red Magnolia Frankie one is a real show-stopper. I also adore the leopard print one, obviously!

5. A Spring green shirt

I don’t usually wear green, but there’s something about this shirt from &OtherStories and the top pictured shirt (from Mercy Delta) which have caught my eye. The shade of green on both is lovely and I think they’ll suit both blondes and brunettes. I also like the length of sleeve. Stories have a lot of shirts, so if this doesn’t appeal, do check out the rest…

6. A Spring yellow shirt

Yellow is another colour that’s easy to be scared of, but the yellow on this shirt from Anna Glover’s collaboration with H&M is soft and flattering on the skin. The print is just so pretty and springlike, the collar works perfectly with a jumper and the blouson sleeves/loose fit are right up my street.

7. A new take on stripes

I’ve mentioned this Boden shirt (above) before, but it’s so pretty, it’s worth another mention. With floral ‘stripes’, the pattern is a twist on the ordinary, whilst the ruffles elevate it to a thing of beauty.

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    Louise Read
    April 19, 2018 at 7:46 am

    Where is the peacock blouse from at the top of the blog post please?

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      May 16, 2018 at 7:26 am

      Sorry Louise, I’ve only just seen this! It’s from Mercy Delta x

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