Sailor Trousers: 5 Ways

5ea2e9c6b12aa74f48a5a37bed1afbfcSo, sailor-esque trousers. Discuss.I was quite interested to see the Archive by Alexa collection for M&S. Not because I was under any illusion that it will turn me into a vision of lithe, gamine Alexa-ness, but more to see what she did with it. Of course, like everyone else, I loved the shirt (which sold out in a blink. Top tip if you missed out and are still ruing the fact: buy the dress and tuck it in. Bonus: come summer, you’ll be able to wear it as a dress. Ta-da! One of the girls I work with did this very thing and very clever I thought her, too.)  I also love the navy jumper because it feels classic M&S. But what I ended up buying – much to my own surprise – were the Ada wide-leg cropped trousers.

Even more astonishing (to my mind), I loved them. I managed to overlook the hornpipe my husband danced in the kitchen (he insists that was just to be amusing – which, in fairness, it was – and he is actually a fan) and the fits of giggles from my nanny – and wore them to work. And the uber-stylish lot I worked were very complimentary. And you were so kind when I posted them on Instagram.

SD_01_T69_0457K_F0_X_EC_0Ada trousers, £39.50, Archive by Alexa for M&S

So, go buy a pair. They’re super comfy, too. I’m even contemplating going All Out and wearing them with one of my kertrillion and one Bretons.

I also have a deep passion for the striped sailor pair from J.Crew [top, £138] but they are sold out online and perhaps wearing stripes on the bottom half suits those of tall, Alexa-esque mien? So how about these instead?

F0286_BL8133_mWide-leg ponte pant, £79.50, J.Crew

These are also very natty indeed. And she’s wearing a Breton. NOTED.

image1xxl-2Sailor front trousers, £192, Paul by Paul Smith

If your office is more formal than mine, these might be more suitable.

002335463alt1Wide leg trousers, £129, Ted Baker

Love? Loathe? Never-ever will they be seen on my legs? I tell you one thing about the Alexas, you can wear them with flats. Now that I can totally get on board with.

(On board. Get it?)


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