It’s a funny month September. When it’s all blue skies and crisp mornings, dew on the grass and rosy red apples on the trees, it’s lovely; a muscle memory month of those back-to-school days, all new starts and promises of the future. But, when it’s grey and wet, the nights growing noticeably darker, it can summon up that worst kind of end-of-summertime sadness, when the summer (despite it probably also being grey and wet) takes on a golden glow and you, once again, can’t believe how quickly it flew past.

I am not an autumn girl. I don’t like the slow slide into the cold, wet dark days of winter. I lost my dad at the end of an autumn and perhaps for that reason, it’ll never be a season I love. But even before then, I was always a heat-seeker. My favourite time of the year is late spring/early summer and I will forever hanker after the long light-filled days and warmth (sometimes even heat!) of that time of year. But, because I don’t want to spend 1/2, nay 3/4 of my life feeling forlorn, I’m trying to embrace the positives of September. Because, when the weather is good and the skies are blue, it can sometimes still feel like summer but with that added beauty of a crisp, cold morning. It’s also a time of new starts – far more so, I think, than January. It is the start of a school year, a time for knuckling down, making plans, dreaming big after the lazy free-for-all of the summer holidays, which whether you have children or not, you will always remember from your own salad days. It’s also a time for packing away your summer dresses and pulling out your jeans and jumpers and boots. Summer maybe the best season for sunshine, but sartorially speaking Autumn kicks it’s ass. So, this year, I’m embracing those knits, looking forward to making plans and grabbing every blue sky that September throws our way. I will also be out there, come rain or shine, as being outside is tonic for the soul and there are few things better than a long walk or run to lift your spirits on even the gloomiest of days. Natasha (who is an Autumn Girl) and I are currently putting together a post of our Autumn must-haves, from the books to read to the TV shows to catch (Stranger Things, Strictly and The Crown are back for starters!) in fact, there’s so much good stuff to look forward to, even I, summer’s most hardcore fan, am hoping I’ll start seeing even the greyest of September days in new light. Stay tuned. Until then, cosy down, wrap up warm and make some plans – it’s time to embrace September and all the good it can bring. And, if you have any tips for making September a fantastic month, then we’d love to know!

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