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White denim shorts, £58, Pilcro*

Shorts may just be my favourite item of clothing. Not just because you wear them in summer or on holiday (my two favourite times of the year), but also because they are just so easy to wear. You probably wouldn’t choose them for the Queen’s Garden Party, but you can wear them almost anywhere else, even a wedding (yes, really). Versatile, easy and very chic, let’s make this summer a short story…

There are lots of types of shorts, but the two types that I really love are denim and patterned. Denim cut-offs should be in everyone’s wardrobe. I’ve had my pair from Gap for several years now and they’re still going strong. In a way, the more beaten up they get, the better. Gap still do lots of cut-off styles, but in typically annoying Gap fashion, lots of sizes seem to be sold out online. However, pop in store as they always tend to have lots in stock.

My other favourite type of shorts are the patterned Tory Burch-esq kind. You know, the pair you’d swan around The Hamptons in if you were an haute-boho Talitha Getty lookalike. These type of shorts (this pair by Le Sirenuse Positano* pictured above are perfect) are the type that you can dress up and wear to a party or a wedding (ok maybe not Harry and Meghan’s, but a relaxed wedding). I’ve added them to my lust list. On the subject of Talitha*, the label of the same name has a range of exquisite shorts. I haven’t included them because at £300+ they are eye-wateringly expensive, but if you have money to spend, then do check them out as they are divine. Antik Batik and Isabel Marant are also very good when it comes to the haute boho look.

Of course, there are lots of other types of shorts out there – plain chino styles, which you can twin with an oversized shirt for a chic Lauren Bacall look; silky evening shorts, to be worn with heels for cocktails, even leather shorts, which make a very cool French Vogue-inspired evening outfit. If you’re not that keen on your legs, plump for longer, culotte styles, which basically look like a skirt, but have the weight and security of shorts. If you have shunned shorts for the last few years (the previous summers haven’t necessarily called for them!) then this is your year to rediscover them. You won’t look back.

Leather shorts, £155, & Other Stories*

Pleat front shorts, £45, French Connection*

How to wear shorts….

I’m not one for prescribing rules as really, you can do what you please. But, if you’re looking for a few short-wearing guidelines, please read on….

  1. Don’t wear anything too holey, frayed, short or tight – no-one needs to see your ovaries or your bum cheeks.
  2. Denim shorts should be a little oversized. Loose and slouchy, rather than tight Daisy Dukes are the look you should be going for
  3. Paper-bag waists can be flattering, although be wary if you’re self-conscious of your tummy.
  4. I haven’t quite got my head around long Bermuda shorts as there is a danger they can look a bit Lady Golfer or Barbara Bush BUT that’s not to say you shouldn’t wear them. I prefer longer styles to be loose and almost skirt-like, but if you are tall and have the legs of the gazelle, tighter shorts can work – it’s all just a case of trial and error, like everything in life!



  1. Embroidered linen shorts, £170, All things Mochi*; 2. Sparkly embellished shorts, £36, Biba*; 3.White denim shorts, £45, Hush*; 4. Iris basket, £36, TAE; 5. Earrings, £59, Une a Une; 6. Pineapple shorts, £162, Rails; 7. Slub tee, £8.99, H&M; 8. Touquet shorts, £125, Des Petits Hauts; 9. Hot pink shorts, now £95, Paper London*; 10. Sequin-embellished shorts, now £92, Antik Batik*; 11. Sandals, £19.99, Zara

All links marked with * are affiliate links. 

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