The Simple Things

Last week I was forcibly reminded about the pleasure to be found in the simplest things.

Here’s why: my phone died, without so much as a flicker of warning. All credit to the apple store for replacing it so speedily, but it’s the time between phones which is the focus here.

I’d forgotten both my iPad and a book (this never  happens), so sat on the top deck of the bus and day-dreamed, looking out of the window at London going about its busy life. Usually, I’d be using the time to write emails, notes for articles or posts, reading The Times app. But I didn’t. As I walked, I watched the leaves just-turning their autumnal colours against the blue of the sky – I didn’t reach for my phone to frame and snap a picture, I just looked. I turned my face to the sun and felt the warmth – and remembered why this is one of my favourite times of the year – when we get those magical, golden days of crisp mornings that ease into warm afternoons.

It was a serendipitous reminder – at a very hectic time – `about the joy to be found in the simple things. The pleasures that cost little, but bring great joy. So much so, I made a list (on my phone – the irony of which is not lost on me…) of mine:

Clean, fresh sheets. That first cup of coffee of the day. When my children slip their hand into mine. Flowers. Washing blowing on the line. A real log fire. Eating al fresco. Eggs and soldiers – preferably eaten for lunch with my boy (ditto jacket potatoes and sausages on a chilly night). Snow. When children are really laughing. Autumn leaves against blue skies. The sea (watching it, swimming in it, winter, summer, any time). Cosy socks and hot water bottles. Reading (the first page of an old book; settling in at a gripping mid-point; returning to an old favourite). My children in their pyjamas. The run-up to Christmas. Proper letters and (associative?) post boxes (I can’t explain why. They’re just so squat and red and proud.) Sunsets with pink skies. Rows of pastel houses.

I bet there are oodles more which I’ll remember I press publish. But I would love to hear yours. We already know from Instagram that there are many likeminded women of sense out there who share our love for washing on the line….

Photo by Carla Coulson

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