Ski Style – what to wear on the slopes this season

It’s January. It’s cold. It’s ski season…but what should you be wearing if you’re planning to hit the slopes this year?

I’m going skiing on Thursday and can. not. wait!!! There are very few weekends that rival a weekend in the mountains, and I am just a tiny bit excited. Last year, we took the kids, this year, I’m going on my own with a bunch of girlfriends and feel like a kid myself. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting my gear ready and it’s made me think that it might be helpful to put together a little list in case any of you are hitting the slopes as well this year…..


There are a host of brands out there specialising in technically good, aesthetically pleasing ski and snowboard wear, from the well-priced to the well-that’s-expensively-priced. Perfect Moment is the fashionista ski brand of choice, and it’s hard to resist their beautiful fashion-forward designs – they’ve brought the 80s one piece back, and it looks seriously good! I was hankering after one of their jackets for a year, but instead found an equally lovely, and slightly less expensive Poivre Blanc one on Black Friday last year. Sweaty Betty also have a nice range. If you don’t want to spend a fortune then Decathlon is a one-stop shop of all things ski with a great choice of basic own brand wear. You could also try Snow + Rock and Ekosport for a wide range of niche brands. I do think it’s worth spending as much as you can justify on a ski jacket/trousers if it’s something you’re going to do on a yearly basis.

Base Layers

Thermals used to be the grandpa of the fashion world, but the new designs are seriously stylish. I’m of the mind, that the louder the pattern, the better the base layer and have been lusting after Sweaty Betty’s gorgeous sets, but they’ll have to wait until next year. Instead I’ve gone for Kathmandu, which make technically strong thermals with very cool designs. Sports Direct have some really well-priced basic base layers as do Decathlon and Snow + Rock. Having done a gap year season as a snowboard bum in Chamonix many, many, many moons ago, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover these leggings from ASOS in time. My size is sold out, but there are still some sizes left.


I think a list is probably more helpful here than a ‘where to buy’ as most of the places I mentioned above will sell everything you need. So, I’d say the following are essential….

Goggles (anti fog), sunglasses, a neckwarmer (the ones that turn into thin balaclavas are useful if you’re going in the colder months of Jan/Feb), gloves, silk under gloves (again, if it’s Jan), ski socks (I LOVE Protest’s cool designs), hat and a fleece or jumper to go over your base layer (I use a sweatshirt).


Unless you’re headed to St Moritz, then apres-ski wear is pretty low-key. At least for me it is. A pair of snow boots is always a great idea as are gloves, turtle necks and jeans (possibly with tights underneath!) The great thing about getting a stylish ski jacket you love is that you’ll feel happy wearing off the slopes, so you won’t need another coat unless you are a wealthy jet-setter and don’t mind travelling with a hundred suitcases.

And, don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Ski turtle neck, £200, Perfect Moment; 2. Moon boot, £80 ; 3. Ski jacket, £309.90, Poivre Blanc; 4. Ski goggles, £45, Bolle; 5. Reversible neck warmer, £3.50, Decathlon; 6. Festive star base layer leggings, £65, Sweaty Betty 7. Snowboard/ski socks, £10.99, Protest; Red sweater, £49, Sugarhill Brighton



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