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Spring Style Special: Girls

Okay, so I’ve set myself a challenge here: I will talk on the subject of clothing for little girls (by which I mean toddlers and above) without repetition, deviation or mentioning my classic haunts: Zara Kids, Gap Kids, DPAM or Boden. Whew. Gauntlet thrown down – and accepted.

Because you know, don’t you, just how fabulous these places are when it comes to shopping for small girls? Only the other day I bought C this dress (planning to layer it over a top and tights if this balmy(ish) weather continues) and this sweet little top. Honestly, her wardrobe puts mine to shame. So you don’t need me to tell you about said fine establishments. Not today, anyway.

Instead I give you cat print (what little girl could resist?) and liberty print tops. Cat print blouse by Nice things Mini at Sweetpea, £28; Ella top, £35, Milliemanu













Or, if you prefer to opt out of florals (or indeed, cats)…

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Long sleeved flounced shirt, €19, Alice a Paris; Cotton top with large blue box, £23, Petit Bateau

And the sweetest jackets…

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Name it Mini Gania short jacket, £15; Kids Mello Jacket, £20, both from Ben & Lola (This is a FAB website – I discovered it when they had a stall at a local fete. So much to love – and great prices.)

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Denim pinafore dress by Helen Gordon, £25, Sweetpea; Aya Naya Sari dress, £30, Ben & Lola;


This is gorgeous and a total bargain. I am hot-footing it to H&M forthwith (sundress, £9.99, H&M).

To finish – I give you trousers and shorts so sweet and cool I wish I could wear them with a simple white t-shirt.

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Aphrodite grey trousers, £35; Troizenfants Julie shorts, £28.50, both Little Fashion Gallery

Oo, and these leggings, because they are an absolute BARGAIN. Team with mini converse and denim skirt.












Name it Brava capri leggings, £8, Ben & Lola; navy trousers, £5.99, H&M

I have an obsession with Verity Jones grosgrain bows which is verging on the unhealthy….
Large_clip_rosey_mauve_165_large Large_clip_charcoal_077_large










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