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Style File: Caroline White, founder of Sukishufu

0IMG_2817I never thought much about what I wore when I went running. I used to just sling on an old t-shirt and a 10-year old pair of cropped leggings and out the door I’d go (not that this happened that often). But, whilst flicking through Instagram, I came across a pair of SukiShufu’s Universe leggings and oh my goodness, I lusted. I mean seriously lusted. And, that was that. Fast-forward a few weeks and in ‘real life’ they are just as swoon-worthy. The galaxy of stars print is divine and I LOVE the silver leather-look waistband, but the fit is something else. Made from a breathable fabric, they feel like a second skin and I actually think they might make me run faster, it feels so good to wear them. A relatively new brand, Sukishufu was founded by ex-banker-turned-yoga instructor Caroline White who couldn’t find any workout clothes she loved, so designed her own (gotta love that get up and go attitude). In a bid to find out more about the woman who created my new favourite leggings, we asked her all about workout wear and what other little gems she keeps in her wardrobe…

Sukishufu Universe leggings

Sukishufu Universe leggings

What do you wear on a day-to-day basis for working out? 

Suki Leatherback leggings and our new Tempura Crop Top. At the moment I am all over the Chrome Gloss teaming them with my favourite New Balance 574 trainers in canary yellow.

When putting together a stylish workout wardrobe, what should we be taking into consideration? 

You have to feel comfortable with what you are wearing so that you are not distracted from your workout. I see too many people wearing clothes that don’t work for them in class constantly pulling down tops and hitching up leggings and not getting the most out of their workout. You shouldn’t have to adjust correctly cut and fitted activewear as you work out. If you’re feeling self conscious about flashing too much flesh then wear a looser fit, longer cut t shirt or tank. Perhaps choose an eye catching printed legging rather than a lighter shaded block colour which can be unforgiving. A striking, well designed print is a miracle worker in making you look – and feel great and they hide every lump and bump.

As a yoga teacher standing up in the front of a class on a “fat day” is a bitch and I used to think “how will I ever motivate my students when i’m looking like a schmuck!” So I had to get crafty with colour, prints and layering so I could focus on my students and not be concerned about my outfit. I get a lot of emails from women saying that my leggings totally lift their moods when they wear them. My favourite is a lady who told me she felt like a super hero in her gloss leatherback leggings at the gym and that to me is fabulous feedback – she looked great, she felt great – job done.

How does your workout wardrobe change from summer to winter? It will depend if I’m working out al fresco! If I’m at the gym or the yoga studio it doesn’t really change season to season. In winter outside is a different story we are talking base layers, thermals, gloves, hat , ear muffs and warm jacket- I really feel the cold.


Out of the yoga studio…

What clothes do you find yourself veering towards every day?

I am a jeans and heels girl at heart so jeans, heels, top and jacket is my fallback uniform. It’s a relaxed “uniform” that can also be dressed up or down very easily with the right combination of pieces and accessories, plus I am most comfortable in jeans – Frame and Current Elliot are my favourites. I am a skinny jean low rise girl. Though I just bought some denim culottes by R13, which are a dream. I can’t take them off and I also do boyfriend jeans when required!

What kind of tops do you wear?

Muscle Tees, Tank Tops, Tee shirts I also love a good long sleeved polo neck. James Perse is my favourite T shirt brand and Bonds Australia is always good for basic essentials.

Do you wear flats or heels during the day?

Flats during the day usually Y3 trainers (I’m obsessed with their footwear) though I also just purchased some Chanel high tops for summer. I am also partial to New Balance and of course, some retro Air Jordan high tops. Come evening time its always heels and I have a sinful collection, most of which I have hidden from my husband.

Do you have a favourite handbag?

I carry large bags during the day so I can fit all my things including my laptop, headphones (Master & Dynamic from New York) and my workout wear in. I don’t like ‘it’ bags and I try to find something new and less obvious. At the moment I’m carrying my M2Malletier. I hate large bags as I have a tendency to loose things and go into a frantic panic only to find them in a secluded corner at the bottom of my bag.

How does your style change from day to evening? 

I love heels and the higher the better. My current favourites are a pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods – they really are quite something. I am a pro in heels and can even run for cabs across the cobble stones in London!


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