Be my (very stylish) Valentine

As January limps to a close, our thoughts turn to the new month – and its romantic heart: Valentine’s Day. Red roses, hearts, the satisfying thud of cards on the doormat, gazing into your lover’s eyes by candlelight… Or, in our cases, a night in with a meal we didn’t have to cook and a night out with girlfriends #winning.

Don’t get us wrong: it’s not that we’re not fans of Valentine’s. We write and receive cards, and if anyone’s thinking of sending us flowers, these parrot tulips would do very nicely. But that romantic dinner a deux with a menu that costs you twice as much as it would on the 15th? Not so much. This year, Alex will be staying in for a cosy supper by the fire, and Natasha will be out with girlfriends.

We’ll be straight with you: we’re not going to be dressing up. By all means, if you’re being swept off to a ball/a super swanky restaurant, then wear that gown with pride. But if you’re anything like us, you probably want to be a somewhat more polished version of your usual self. Which for us means zhuzhing our denim.

Going Out?

It’s hard to go far wrong if you emulate Alt (see what I did there?). She manages to be casual and cool enough for supper with your coolest girlfriends, but that artfully dishevelled, sexy edge works to entrap your romantic dinner companion, too.

The key item here is a blazer. This one [below] belies its price tag: it feels luxe and looks designer. This frill-sleeved blazer has a more feminine edge – or how about a classic tuxedo jacket? Wear it with serious heels – and either a simple tee or a classic white shirt. Or go for broke with a silk camisole: I promise it’s not too much tempered by the blazer – although you might want to add a touch of colour with one of these.

P.S. If you do want to err on the side of swish, please may I recommend something like this fabulous full skirt, perhaps worn with a sweater like this. Or how about this silk shirt dress?

1.Black t-shirt, £6; 2. White bib front shirt, £29.50; 3. Black blazer, £65; 4. Straight leg jeans, £25; 5. Ankle tie shoes, £49.50; 6. Faux leather circle bag, £39.50

Staying In?

Let’s face it, who actually goes out with their husband, boyfriend, significant other on Valentine’s Day? Much nicer to stay in with a bottle of champagne, a delicious meal and, perhaps, a box set than sit in a restaurant surrounded by other couples. You could dress up, but as Valentine’s Day falls on a (probably) wet Wednesday in February, it might be more comfortable to stay, well, comfortable.

I’m not saying don’t make an effort – swap the pjs for jeans and the old raggedy jumper for a lovely, soft cashmere one, maybe even throw in some earrings, and you’re good to go. And the food? This may be a sponsored post, but sponsored or not, I do love a M&S ‘dine in for two’ deal (the millionaire’s shortbread dessert is ALL the heart eye emojis).

Valentine’s Day. So much better when it’s low-key.

1.Striped cashmere turtle neck, £139; 2. Oversized cashmere star jumper, £109; 3. Sterling silver loop drop earrings, £15; 4. Leather whipstitch lace up trainers, £55; 5.Vintage champagne, £32; 6. Relaxed slim jeans, £45



Main image via Pinterest. This post was in collaboration with M&S. All words, styling and opinions our own.



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