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Why ‘breast is best’ is out of control

Every morning I get ready with my daughter and the Today programme vying for my attention. But yesterday morning, I was uncharacteristically riveted to the radio when a certain item caught my ear. I bet it caught yours, too (or your eye, depending upon your media of choice).…


Have skin? You need this balm.

[This post is sponsored by the British weather and its sudden decision to channel the Arctic.] It might be called Baby Balm but, quite frankly, you can slap this on anywhere, on anyone (well, anyone you know. It would be weird to accost a total stranger in the street with, ‘Your skin looks very dry, you need this’). Although if you do have dry skin (or have a child who does), this Bloom & Blossom balm should be the very next thing you buy. See that number 5? That’s the total number of ingredients in that little pot. There’s nothing in there to frighten the (most clean-living, Whole Foods-devoted) horses. And yet it is a WONDER balm. I started using it because I was talking to one of the brilliant, inspiring and downright fabulous founders of Bloom & Blossom (although I didn’t know that at the time) about little C’s winter-dry skin (dry, patches of pink eczema behind her dear little knees). The next day, this was on my desk. Now I am wedded to it. I dab it pretty much everywhere on C in the winter (also v v good for teething babes with sore pink chins) – especially cheeks prior to venturing…


Would you care what sex your baby was?

Lucy is a newish friend of mine. (Side note: I LOVE discovering new friends in my thirties.) She is funny, thoughtful and fiercely bright. She makes an excellent curry. Brings flowers when she comes for tea. Gives great email. Her little boy Logan is a Proper Boy who does forward rolls and can penguin jump like a demon. She also writes – honestly, unflinchingly – about things that some people Don’t Like To Talk About at her blog, Ill All the Time. One of those things is gender disappointment. Lucy has one boy and was – at the time of writing this – pregnant with a second son. She wrote the below after the 20 week scan. When I read it, I thought it was fascinating, brave and completely gripping (oh, and witty). You might not agree with it. It might even make you angry. But we are hugely proud to reproduce it here.…