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Home Sales: The White Company Edit

Decorating your home is enormous fun. It can also be enormously expensive. Unless you are now squinting at the screen, thinking ‘budget, what is this ‘budget’ thing?’ – in which we case, we salute and envy you – then you need W&W’s week of shopping the homes’ sales. Kicking off with one of our favourites: The White Company. …

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How to….accessorize your bathroom

Why yes, this is a thing. You may not call it accessorising – to be honest, I don’t usually either – but adding nice, aesthetically pleasing objects to your bathroom to make it just that tad more inviting/spa-like/luxurious is definitely worth doing. Most of these things (soap dishes, toothbrush holders etc) are necessities, so by upgrading them you have a very affordable way to change the whole feel of your bathroom without splashing the cash……

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Dramatic Bathrooms

My bathroom looks a little different to this. There are plastic fish and foam letters piled up to the side of the bath, an array of half-used products – well, everywhere – and a large laundry basket shoved into the corner. It also doesn’t have a fireplace, a huge window or real floorboards – but this, is what I’d love it to look like if only I had the space (and the money, money would probably help). While the walls are light, there is an overall feel of dramatic darkness to the space with that gorgeous bathtub, incredible light fitting and fireplace. And, I love it..…

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Weekend to-do list: organise your bathroom cabinet

  If my bathroom cabinet (heck, if my whole bathroom) looked like this, I’d be a happy woman. Mine is an actual cupboard so I don’t have to maintain scrupulous levels of tidiness. (I do not have the time or the self-discipline, unfortunately.) But I have found that organising it does make my life that little bit easier in the morning (think small bathroom, two people racing to get ready, small child delightfully underfoot). Also –  key point here – it doesn’t take long. It’s small effort for much reward: smuggery at organised cabinet which pleases the eye – and you on Monday morning. Be clever with small spaces This terrifyingly well-organised cabinet makes clever use of space. The raised platforms so shelves can do double duty: space above and below.The back of the door has pockets for hair paraphernalia and hooks for scissors. Also note: the clear tumblers so you can see at a glance what’s where. Decant, decant, decant (Particularly if you’re using open shelving). Let’s face it: not every bottle is pretty. Your favourite face wash might come in a high unattractive plastic pump pot. So decant it into something more attractive. Or when someone splashes out and…