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My Beauty Uniform: Camilla

It’s a welcome back for our Beauty Uniform today. Alex and I were chatting about this, and we realised that – much as we love asking industry insiders about their beauty know-how – on a day-to-day basis, it’s our friends we turn to for beauty tips: how do you get your skin looking that good? How on earth are your limbs that silky-smooth? What’s the elixir of youth? That kind of thing. With this in mind, I knew exactly who I wanted to ask/badger into revealing her secrets: my friend Camilla Marsh. We become friends when she and her husband Tom moved opposite us (we won the neighbour lottery that day) – and then she had her gorgeous little girl, Matilda, not long after I had my little boy. So, much of my maternity leave was spent hanging out with these two girls – and not once have I seen Camilla look less than immaculate. Part of this is innate (I’ve seen her mum – ditto on the immaculate front); part of it is down to her being lovely on the inside, too (it definitely counts); and part of it is her job. Camilla has worked for two of the…