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How to….buy swimwear by Melissa Odabash

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that it is swimsuit season. The time of year when the nation’s women collectively pull in their tummies, straighten up their spines and secretly pray that their thighs won’t wobble too much as they strut down the beach on holiday. The thing is, how good you look in a swimsuit has a lot to do with the swimsuit. The right one can hide a multitude of sins, the wrong one just accentuates them all. If you are yet to buy your bikini or swimsuit, then help is at hand as Melissa Odabash, one of the world’s most celebrated swimwear designers and woman who knows everything there is to know about swimwear has given us her essential tips on how to buy for the beach. Don’t shop until you’ve read this….…


How to…look hot on the beach

Now come on. Who wouldn’t want to look like this? While I can’t offer any help with getting her hair, her face or her body, how about some suggestions as to how you capture the feel, the whole Sicilian hot mama-type gorgeousness of it all? Or, if that’s just not your style, how about going for a touch of Bardot-esq chic or a Surfer Girl beach vibe? It is, after all,¬†almost holiday time……