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Home Sales: The White Company Edit

Decorating your home is enormous fun. It can also be enormously expensive. Unless you are now squinting at the screen, thinking ‘budget, what is this ‘budget’ thing?’ – in which we case, we salute and envy you – then you need W&W’s week of shopping the homes’ sales. Kicking off with one of our favourites: The White Company. …


Business in Brief: Naomi and Sarah of Seven Seventeen

  So, you’ve got this idea for a business with one of your best friends? Sounds good, right? And, according to Sarah Slade and Naomi Reilly, the founders of luxe candle brand Seven Seventeen, it really is. Oh, and all about timing, hard graft, late night phone calls and DIY delivery. …


The September Agenda

Oh, but there’s a lot of sighing about the sudden end of the hot weather. Yes, the heatwave came to an abrupt end (apologies if you’re now thinking, ‘Err, heatwave? What heatwave?’), but let us embrace September. This autumn, you will mostly find us……


The Best Winter Candles

I am a candle fiend. Rare is the evening when I don’t have one flickering as I read, type, watch Strictly Come Dancing – and I often light one during the day when I’m at home, just because I can. They are such a treat – and everything looks so much lovelier by candlelight. And smells better. You could never go wrong if you bought me a candle. Unless, that is, it was a horribly synthetic scent. Or one of those cheap candles which smell of nothing or, conversely, are overpoweringly strong and have more than a hint of cheap loo cleaner about them. Those, I would not thank you for. (Well, I would, because I am a nice, polite, well-brought-up girl.) Here’s the W&W pick of the best scents for your winter.…