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Holiday Lessons

We’re back from our holidays. They flew by far too quickly. Yes, I miss the heat of the sun, the sea, the swimming, the sunset glass of rosé… But what I really miss is hanging out, our little gang of four, and the slowed pace.…


Business in Brief: Naomi and Sarah of Seven Seventeen

  So, you’ve got this idea for a business with one of your best friends? Sounds good, right? And, according to Sarah Slade and Naomi Reilly, the founders of luxe candle brand Seven Seventeen, it really is. Oh, and all about timing, hard graft, late night phone calls and DIY delivery. …


The Sleep Edit

Want to sleep better? Want your children to sleep how babies – according to the  legend – are supposed to sleep. I might just have found out how……


So, what’s it like having 4 kids?

If there’s one thing that I get asked a LOT (it’s up there with ‘would you like chocolate on that?’) is “What’s it like having four children?” Often accompanied with a look of sheer horror or can what only be described as the look of someone who is mulling it over. The truth is that I only know what it’s like to have my four children. Someone else with four will undoubtedly have a completely different experience. Hell, someone else looking after my four children will have a completely different experience to me, so with that in mind, this is what I’ve learned….…


A letter to myself as a mama-to-be

What parenting advice would you give your pre-child self? It being half term in our world, this seems the right time to share this letter I wrote to myself as a mama-to-be. (Originally written for Alex & Alexa’s blog.)…


5 ways to stop kids cramping your style

I love my kids, but sheeeeez, my fashion sense has taken a nose dive since having them, although I guess that's what seven years spent in elasticated waists and maternity bras does to you. But, being back at work (I may be at home, but I AM AT WORK *she shouts loudly downstairs*) I can no longer live vicariously through Natasha's kick-ass dress sense, I have to find my own. So, with bump gone, two in school, one in nursery and one too small-to-object, I have devised five ways to regain my sense of style and no small person with chocolate-y hands is going to stop me....…