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World Book Day: What We’re Reading Now

There has been much cursing of World Book Day/Book Week on my social media from friends rolling eyes at having to dress their children as a book character. Not from me. I was thrilled. (Mind you, I was not – this year – dressing a boy, and most of the complaints seemed to be about small boys only wanting to be superheroes.) Books to me are as essential as oxygen. They are pillars of civilisation (note that only really bad characters – fictional or otherwise – burn books). Here’s what we – and our minis – are reading right now……


Win! A signed first-edition copy of The Hounds of Falsterbo

  THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSEDRegular readers will know that Natasha and I have a bit of a thing for Scandinavia. We love the people, the style, the cities (we could go on…) We now have something else to add to our list – author Jules Nilsson’s stunning new book series, The Hounds of Falsterbo. Inspired by her move from London to southern Sweden with her Swedish husband and children, Jules’ beautifully illustrated series follows the adventures of three dogs (Nalle, Buster and Teddy) amongst the beautiful white sand beaches of Falsterbo.…


In celebration of Children’s Book Week

Books have been such a source of pleasure to me for all of my life. I can remember the very moment when words suddenly leapt into being; when letters formed words and the words sentences. I was four. I was on a boat. I was looking at a copy of Lucy and Tom Go to School, when, suddenly, the magic happened (honestly, I would describe it thus): I could read for myself. It was as though the entire world opened up to me at that moment. Which, of course, it had. I am firmly of the view that books can take you anywhere you want to go; teach you anything you wish to learn. Literature is at the very roots of civilisation. It is what differentiates us from the beasts. Also, cool people read. You might grow up to look like this… And so, when I had my daughter and held that tiny, perfect little girl in my arms, I wished – as you do – for many things for her: happiness, health, self-belief and confidence…and that she would develop a love of books. That she, like me, would come to devour books, develop a lifelong love affair with them,…