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Styling the Nursery (and a little announcement)

Our nursery space is teeny. As in almost a New York style nursery-in-a-cupboard small. This did not prevent me from having big plans… I started (of course) a board on Pinterest in order to collate my ideas (which is where I found the gorgeous nursery above). I knew I wanted something calming and neutral (with a pop of one colour to save it from being too neutral); that felt like a child’s room without being twee or babyish; and which was a starting point – so it can be personalise as the mini grows and a proper little personality starts to emerge.…

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An homage to Storage

I am pretty sure it started right here… The second shelf. The one with the beautifully co-ordinated glass jars holding art paraphernalia. Yes, that one. I want my home organisation to look like this. I am fairly (some – i.e. my husband – might say overly, but he would be wrong. I am merely stemming the tide of his inherent predilection for mess creation) tidy, but I am not organised. I stuff things in drawers. I do not file. I want to Take Control of this. And here’s where I start. Display I love an open shelf arrangement. We had one in our last house – and it was surprisingly easy to maintain. (The key was having a colour palette e.g. all-white mismatched crockery; blue and white; brights, you get the gist If you are going to have everything on show, you might as well make it beautiful as well as useful (William Morris would be thrilled.)  Large kitchen cabinet, £555, Ella’s Kitchen Company  (There’s a smaller one for more petite kitchens – this wonderful company will paint it to order in one of their tastefully delightful shades.) Alternatively, this is quite the most stylish way to store herbs and spices…


Prints charming

The other week, I was enthusing about the Liberty-print alphabet I’d bought for C’s room to a friend, when she rather sniffily remarked that Liberty prints had, to her mind, become rather too ubiquitous. To which I reply: any right-minded person can never have enough Liberty print. Which is why this new Marc Jacobs x Liberty collection (on sale this week) thrills me. A simple collection of five pieces – from make-up and cosmetic bags to a splendid tote – in prints with the names of ‘Emma & Georgina’ (a mash-up of two prints) and ‘Wiltshire’: I ask you, what’s NOT to like? Priced from £40. (Following on from yesterday’s post, this would be a genius baby bag.) Inspired? Try these……

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Littlest room love

It is no word of a lie to say that, amongst the very many wonderful things motherhood has brought to my life, it has also given me a new outlet for my retail endeavours a.k.a. love of shopping.  Creating a nursery for C has been such fun (as Miranda’s mother would say) – and I love that it is very small, very sweet, but not too madly pink and girly (we didn’t find out what flavour we were having before she was born, so the room had to suit either sexl). As she grows and develops her own, very decided, personality, I am tweaking as we go (she is fond of finding certain letters, so I picked up this set of Liberty-print alphabet letters from Zara Home (with plans to string them along a fine cord on her bedroom wall). Educational and Liberty-print, what more can a girl ask?The): But what I really, really want right about now, is a shopping spree at Land of Nod – Crate & Barrel’s (the US interiors’ store behemoth – more of which anon) junior offshoot, which – as of right NOW – ships to the UK. The bedding (above) is right at the top of…