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The Coats You *Really* Need

How’s your coat collection looking? In need of an update? Or an addition, perhaps? Allow us to be of assistance: here are the coats you need in your life now. And – what’s more – there’s a discount in the offing. Tempted yet?…


Cool Coats for Autumn: Part 2

Ah, the coat. A shortcut to style if ever there was one. As Alex rightly pointed out last week, buy now, or regret later. Also, time to weight up that classic purchase versus on-trend buy dilemma. Perhaps you can afford to do both, but if not, have we got the coat lowdown (the coatdown?) for you……


The Camel (Coat) Trail

Nothing says chic like a camel coat. Shrugged on, they elevate the most casual outfit (even when thrown over jeans and trainers) – there’s just something expensive-looking about them. Whilst pastel hues and chubby faux fur trends come and go – the camel coat is a style touchstone. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best (because it is now officially time to start thinking about your winter coat)……


Meet Your New Spring Coat

  Olivia Palermo is Just. So. Chic. It almost pains me. I love her style. She is also doing a fine job of working the Spring coat. Said coat – I discovered today – whilst nipping around Regent Street at lunchtime, buying presents for new babies (one of my favourite shopping activities) – is high street. Yep, Palerms (as my little friend Medini – short in stature, not personality – calls OP) does high street. And does it well.…


Get your coat

It’s August. You don’t need to think about your winter coat, right? Wrong. There has never been a better time to think coat. Especially if you want to nab yourself a high street bargain. To begin, I have two words for you: think pink. Yep. pink.…