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How to…be Honestly Healthy

This is the lovely Natasha Corrett. Natasha is the founder of Honestly Healthy which is so much more than a diet: it’s a whole healthier lifestyle. I’ve met Natasha and can confirm that she actually glows – so it definitely works. She also has a fabulous new cookbook, Honestly Healthy for Life, published this very day. Her website is a treasure trove of recipes, advice and inspiration. Honestly Healthy for Life: Healthy Alternative for Everyday Living, by Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson is published today (Jacqui Small). Buy it here.…


Feasting, feasting

A little weekend bonus for you…food recipes for bonfire parties (or indeed, just a cosy weekend in) by the wonderful David Herbert, Food Editor (currently Food and Homes Director at Your M&S Magazine), author of The Really Useful Cookbook, wonderful gardener, host-with-the-most and all-round good egg.…


Little not-so-Parisian kitchen

I don’t think my husband would object to me saying that I do most of the cooking in our household. However, when he does cook – he really goes for it (which I think pretty impressive for a novice cook). So much so he instigated the Saturday Evening Culinary Experiment Sessions: wine, jazz, man at the cooking helm – what’ s not to like? Plenty to love there. So, he’ll set off for the fishmonger and return with a massive bag of mussels – and proceed to make moules marinere. And he’ll peruse a cookbook and land upon a recipe I probably wouldn’t have chosen – but turns out rather well. One of these successes came from his first cookbook purchase: Rachel Khoo’s [pictured above] Little Paris Kitchen (buy it here). Lavender chicken, it transpires, is delish. Who knew? Poulet au citron et lavande (Lemon and lavender chicken) 1 chicken, joined into 8-10 pieces; generous pinch of salt For the marinade: 2 tbsp dried lavender,  4 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp lavender honey or plain runny honey, 2 sprigs of thyme, finely grated zest and juice of 1 unwaxed lemon To make the marinade: crush the lavender using a pestle and mortar or a rolling…


Comfort eating x 2

I am not a great fan of rich food. My body doesn’t love it. Sorry to sound a bit Goop, but there it is. Such is life. But there are times (like, oh I don’t know, when it’s April and freezing outside with snow flurries forecast? What is going ON, people?) when comfort food with its attendant richness is the only thing which will do. To which end I give you two easy peasy variations on macaroni cheese. The above Macaroni, Pancetta and Pecorino Cheesy Bake had me at hello. It’s from What Katie Ate …


Super speedy supper

Now, it’s not that I don’t like fish. I do. I just don’t love oily fish that is so good for you that eating it like  treating your body to an inner spa treatment.  Or something. But my husband and my daughter love it – and I know I should eat it, so I am always looking for sauces that really pack a punch to balance out the rich, oily taste. I am also slightly obsessed with finding ‘proper’ (i.e. not from a packet or ready-made) suppers that can be prepared in a matter of minutes, but still taste like you’ve cooked. (Know what I mean? The Crumbs girls are a an amazing resource for this type of meal. Any blog that has a section dedicated to 5 minute meals has my vote.) Anyway, this evening I cooked a recipe from another blog – which is now a book: Dinner: A Love Story. It’s a lovely blog, and a great book – read it as much for the story of an evolving family life as for the recipes. It involved salmon. And it was completely delish. Royal Salmon with Yoghurt-Mustard Dill Sauce Ingredients 1 salmon fillet per person 1/2 cup plain…


We want to eat What Katie Ate

  Katie is the beautiful, stylish author of the fabulous food blog What Katie Ate, which is now a book of the same title (Collins, £25). It helps that she is a photographer of no mean skill, and that she has that knack of styling food just-so: all distressed chopping boards, chipped vintage crockery, cutlery artfully askew. If only, if only our pancake day fodder had looked remotely like this. We like that you can search her blog by recipe (pasta, baking, breakfast, savoury, sweet – you get the gist). Of course, we made a beeline for ‘quick and easy’ (time, my lovelies, is forever at a premium). And, unusually, my eye was caught by a breakfast dish. Usually, I head straight for simple supper ideas to add to my repertoire (ha. Calling it a repertoire makes it sound far, far grander than it is). I think what I love about this is that it reminds me of our family weekend ritual: breakfast at our lovely local Cafe Rouge (which has the best position for a restaurant and the nicest staff ever) and their French toast with berries and honey (delish). Get a load of this gorgeousness… Right, I’m off to…